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Last weekend we travelled to Oklahoma for my cousin Bradley’s wedding to his bride Allee.  We all had a great time seeing everyone and DANCING all night!  The kids wouldn’t come off the dance floor.  Carter and Caroline kept asking me to go “request” a song to the DJ.  This was their first experience with a DJ and a dance floor…they loved it!  They all three enjoy dancing like their momma does!

Bradley and Allee

Carter enjoying the chocolate fountain…

Nanna and Poppi

Anytime we are outside and it is sunny, Leighton wants to wear her sunglasses!

The following pictures crack me up.  The reception was held in the backyard of a huge Victorian house.  On the second story there was a HUGE floor to ceiling window.  We spotted Carter up there…all alone…getting his groove on.  He could see himself in the window, hear the DJ, and was dancing up a storm.  Little did he know 200+ people were watching and enjoying his show.

The day after the wedding we had a surprise 80th birthday party for my MamMa.  We had told her we were going out for lunch…and then invited all of her friends and family.  Her sister was able to fly in from California.   As she walked in we began singing, “Happy Birthday” and she got emotional.  She was so surprised!

Leighton stood as close as possible to the cake for a long time.  She couldn’t get over how LARGE it was!

My beautiful, kind, sweet, and loving MamMa with a gentle spirit.  I love you!

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4th of July

We always enjoy spending the 4th in Oklahoma.  After I got off of work Tuesday the 3rd, we drove up to Edmond.  We met Nanna and Poppi and all of the cousins at the firework stand.  When you go fire work shopping with Poppi….you hit the JACK POT!

We headed over to a friend of my mom’s to let off fire works.  There were some people letting off HUGE fire works.  It was a little dangerous…and we were a little too close for any of us to really relax:).  Caroline and the girls stayed inside the house…Leighton kept her hands over her ears…even Carter was being VERY cautious!  Ben, my brother-in-law James, and Poppi let off most of our fire works.  You would’ve thought these three guys were 10 years old…having a good ol’ time!

The BRAVE ones

Towards the end of the evening all of the girls came outside and had fun with the sparklers!

During the day on the 4th we hung out at the pool.

Poppi dunking Carter under the water…

Brooks, Bailee, Taylor, Britton, Carter, Barkley, Caroline, and Leighton

That evening we hopped on the golf carts and went to watch fire works on the golf course.  They were beautiful and lasted forever!

Ben and Leighton watching fire works…somebody is sleepy!

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The girls LOVED going to swim lessons at the Hubenak’s house this year.  This was our first year to take lessons from Ms. Cheryl and Mr. Gordon…didn’t know what to expect…and we were very pleased!  Before taking lessons this year Caroline was swimming around the steps…but would not go long distances.  Leighton was swimming with arm floats, could not stand for water to get in her face, and for sure would never jump off the side of the pool.

First day of lessons, Caroline just took off swimming the length of the pool and jumping off the diving board. By the end of the two weeks she was diving for rings at 8ft deep.  Leighton was in a “mommy and me” class for the first 2 days.  Then they moved her up to Caroline’s class.  By the 3rd day she was jumping off the diving board, swimming the length of the pool, and floating on her back when she needed a breath of air!  It was pretty amazing. She cried every time we had to LEAVE swim lessons…and wanted to stay longer!  I was so proud of both Caroline and Leighton!  They were each so BRAVE!


Learning to dive…


Thinking about jumping off the diving board…

She did it…

She is swimming…

She turns to float on her back to catch her breath…

Meanwhile little man got to go to ROCK climbing camp with his buddy all week.  He had a BLAST…and came home each day WORN out!

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