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Lazy Saturday Morning

Hanging Around!

 Watching cartoons!

 Making blueberry muffins


licking the bowl!


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We can’t believe how quickly she is changing!  She weighs 12 pounds now and is as cute as a button!  She coos and talks ALL THE TIME!!  Leighton is constantly grinning and smiling as big as possible…she has been our happiest baby by far! We’ve had all “easy” babies, but she smiles the most:)!  She is sleeping 12 hours at night…HOORAY!!  She likes to go to sleep listening/watching her aquarium.  She has found her hands and likes to sit and study them.  We are enjoying her tremendously! 







“Are we finished yet, Mom?” 

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My Little Gymnast!

Sweet Caroline started gymnastics last week!  She was SUPER excited…she HAD to sleep in her gymanstics suit the night before:).  I was working that day…so Ben got to take her!  He went on and on about how darling she was…she would not stop smiling ear-to-ear!  She was a great listener, was so proud,  and just soaked it all in!  Daddy was biased and kept talking about what a natural she was.  I loved hearing all about it…but more importantly I loved how excited Ben got talking about it…she holds a special place in his heart…and it is PRECIOUS!!!  Here are some pictures he took last week…


Ben was jealous today that I got to take her to gymnastics.  We pulled up in the parking lot, she got down in Leighton’s face and said, “Leighton, we are at gymnastics…can you believe it???”

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Waking up!

My favorite thing to do in the morning is to go in and wake little Leighton up.  I love watching her sleep…and gently waking her up.  I start to un-swaddle her and she grins and stretches really big.  She begins to chew on her hands because it has been 11 hours since she has eaten!!  She doesn’t cry even once…she just looks at me, trusting that I will feed her soon.  I love her innocence!  Ohh, I adore this little girl…she is so precious! 

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