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Weekend with Carter!

This has been such a great weekend!  Ben had business in Edmond so he took Caroline to my mom’s house on Friday.

Here she is all ready to go!  She carried her bag and blanket around for an hour prior to leaving!  Carter came up to me and said, “Mom, don’t tell her, but she is GORGEOUS!”

Daddy and his sweet girl!

So off they went and Carter and I headed to Target to get some “BOO” gifts for people.  We filled up some baskets and Carter LOVED sneaking up to his friends houses to leave them “BOO” gifts on their porches.  We came home took long naps:)…and then we headed off to play putt-putt.  This was Carter’s first time…he absolutely LOVED it!  The weather was 75 and perfect!!

Afterwards we went to the batting cages…Carter didn’t connect with one ball…but I was just surprised he stood in there and tried to hit it!  He loved wearing the real helmet/real bat!  Next up GO KARTS!

He had the time of his life!!  After we finished he said

“Mom, you the man!”

We came home, ate dinner, and cuddled up to watch Return of the Jedi!

Saturday morning we woke up and went on a long walk.  I love taking walks with Carter…because I have his undivided attention to talk with him…and he seriously CRACKS me up!  He is so funny!  So as we were walking he tells me that he saw a coyote down this one dirt road before.  He then says, “Mom, if we see a coyote again, we scream like girls and run!”

As we were walking I was pretending to be a super hero named Fire Star from Spiderman.  He was laughing…playing along…and then as we got closer to home he said, “Mom, you can’t really be her because she is on TV.  I have already tried REALLY hard to be super-heroes on TV and it just doesn’t work!”  (I love when I still get to see his child-like innocence)

Saturday evening I met my sister and nieces for dinner and we took the kids to the Keller Haunted Trails.  The advertisement said ages 4-12…so we thought no big deal, shouldn’t be too scary, Right?? WRONG!!  It was the scariest thing I have been to in my life!  We were thinking ghosts, spiders, etc.  No we got all of the horror movie characters…the shining, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Scream, Poltergeist, chain saws…ridiculous!!!  All 3 kids were crying!  Luckily Carter had no nightmares that night!

Sunday we went to church and came home to carve pumpkins.

I love this time of year!!


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Ben’s sister Emily and her husband Tim moved to California back in August. We said good-bye with one last dinner/swim time!   I came across these pictures and thought they were too cute not to post! 

Em, we miss you guys so much!  We can’t wait to see you over Christmas!

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Cutest Scarecrows Ever!!

Today was “scarecrow day” at school.  The kids looked darling and had a great time at school with all kinds of fall treats!



Too Cute!!!

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!!!

Carter has learned to ride his bike without training wheels!  We are so proud of him!  It took him about 2 days to learn. The first day,  I would run behind him, time after time after time!  He fell ALOT  and he threw his temper ALOT…but, by the end of the day he was going about 6 feet  all by himself. 

I was having such deja vu of learning to ride my bike.  My big ol’ banana seat…by dad running behind me down the cul-de-sac…thinking I would never get the hang of this:)!  I was about 7 years old…so when little Carter asked to take his training wheels off, I thought he was WAY TOO YOUNG!  I thought he was in for a lot of disappointment…Oh, me of little faith! 

 The following day we practiced for about an hour and he eventually just took off!  I still can’t believe this little man is riding his bike!  For some reason, this one step, has been so HUGE to me!  He is really growing up!!

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A Successful Dinner!

When raising small children you have to acknowledge the tiny victories from your day!  For me it was dinner!  So this is what happened. 

I began dinner at 6pm knowing that Ben would be home shortly.  Carter ALWAYS helps me cook dinner…if he ever hears me in the kitchen he is running in to help within 2 seconds!  He is sitting up on the counter steaming the broccoli and opening up cans of green beans, while I am frying chicken.  Precious Caroline is setting the table!  Without ever being asked or told what to do.  She gets out paper plates for all of us.  She places a napkin on each plate.  She comes over and asks me, “Fork or Spoon?”  I tell her we will need forks.  She gets 2 children’s forks out…and 2 adult forks…knowing the difference!!!  Carter gets off the counter and sets drinks on the table for everyone. 

Ben walks in, we all sit down, prayers are said, and dinner begins!

Now, most of you know that Caroline is the pickiest eater in the world…not picky…just doesn’t like slimy, wet textures.  According to all of the pediatricians, you continue to  put things on their plate and one day they will pick it up and eat it!  So I have always made her plate look just like ours.  Fruits and Veggies are never touched (because they are wet!)  and the meat and bread are gone immediately…and she says “All Done!”  My friends, this has gone on since the day she turned one…I was beginning to think the whole “She will eventually pick it up and actually swallow it” routine would NEVER HAPPEN!!

So back to dinner……..

We are eating and talking, and out of the corner of my eye I see her pick up a green bean, I watch cautiously, knowing that it will touch her lips and come right back out…we don’t even talk to her about it anymore…when she actually swallows it!!  Then she picks up a handful and stuffs them in her mouth…swallowing them!!  She then looks at us and says, “All done beans, need more please!”  Carter and I begin singing the Hallelujah Chorus…she eats them all again..and asks for 3rds! Seriously???  She is actually swallowing something healthy??  I know it sounds crazy…but in that moment…I felt this HUGE weight lift off of me!  Not that I think about it all day long…but I think about it 3 times a day when we eat and it is so annoying!!!

 So the kids ask to be excused…Carter starts their bath water…they put themselves in the bath…together!  Ben looks at me and says, “I would say that was a successful dinner!”

I am thrilled!!!  Caroline has her 2 year well check next week, and I was DREADING having to answer all the questions about her diet…and aversion to slimy foods!!  So now, I’m not going to mention a thing…I think she is going to be OK after all!

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The past few weeks have been a whirlwind!  So this will be a quick “update” post!  First things first…I turned 32!!  My birthday was on the 29th of September…and was wonderful of course!  My husband always makes sure of this!

This was what I came home to Sunday after church… Balloons, presents, flowers, and my very own cookie cake (my favorite)!  The kids were so excited!  They helped me blow out the candles and open my presents.  I got clothes..and a new charm for my Pandora bracelet!  We all took afternoon naps…and then we had a babysitter come over for the rest of the day.  Ben and I went shopping…got more clothes…and had a wonderful dinner!

Monday (my actual bday) I went to work and one of the assistant’s wife had baked me a chocolate cake…and the dentist I work for made me 24 cupcakes…with home-made icing!!  I left straight from work to Pappadeaux for dinner with my in-laws!  When we got home from dinner our babysitter had gotten me a dozen pink roses…and cleaned the house!!  It was a great birthday!!

Last weekend my best friend, Audra, came to stay with us for the weekend!  We had so much fun!  The kids loved having her here…we played outside…got ice-cream…talked..and talked…and talked!  Ben kept the kids on Saturday..we left the house at 2pm and arrived back home at 10pm.  We shopped and talked some more.  (She has this new boyfriend I had to get the scoop on!)  What a treasure good friends are!

So because the above has been my last two weekends…I had a lot of house stuff to catch up with…thus leaving no time for blog land!  Even Ben was telling me it was “way past time” for a new blog post! So there you have it…I will do better next week!

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