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Batter Up!!

Last night was Carter’s first T-Ball game!  Needless to say…he had one proud mommy and daddy.  Ben was giddy…as most of you know he is a baseball fanatic!  Carter was absolutely darling…the cutest little thing I have ever seen in a uniform!  I loved it that he looked so tiny…maybe he IS still my little bitty man:).  Carter played outfield and stopped 5 balls…didn’t know where to throw them after that, but oh well!  He batted twice and hit it really hard both times and made it to first base.  I asked him what was his favorite part….and he said sliding!!  He slid into first base…and slid every time he stopped the ball.  He had a blast!!

Proud Daddy




Going up to Bat



Running into home plate


Game over…waiting for a snack!



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Carter is 5 years old!!!

My sweet little man is 5 years old today!  We are in Oklahoma celebrating with all of his cousins!  I really cannot believe he is 5…I know I say that every year…but this year he STARTS SCHOOL!!  Ohhh, I am so not ready!!

This past weekend we had his birthday party… A Scooby Doo Mystery!  We seriously had the best time…definitely his best party to date!  I got a lot of the ideas on-line…but Ben did a great job as the narrator and coming up with all of the clues. This will be a long post…but I want to make sure I have it all written down somewhere:).


When the party began we told the kids that we were going to open presents first…but where were the presents??

#1.  Birthday gang you have a mystery to solve.  I know you can do it if you all get involved.  I’m the birthday phantom, I love to steal toys, especially from the birthday boy!  If you want them back you must follow my clues.  First follow the ribbon that is the color blue…then stomp on the ghosts to find the next clue!

The kids found a blue ribbon leading upstairs…there they found “ghosts” laying on the ground that they had to stomp…


#2.  You found the next clue by defeating my ghosts.  Now you must find what Scooby loves to eat the most!

They followed “phantom foot prints”   out the back door…into the garage…to a bowl of SCOOBY SNACKS!!  As we placed the snacks one at a time into their mouth they had to run down and drop them into the dog bowls…without using their hands! 


#3.  With so many friends to help you out, you’ll solve this mystery without a doubt.  You’ve collected the snacks to put in  your tummy, but first it’s time to see who’s the best mummy.


Kellan, Carter, Canon, and Hunter


Caroline and Julia

#4.  I’ve still got your presents and you might find them later, but not before you call the private investigator.  You’ll find a phone just inside the kitchen…dial the # and be sure to listen.

Ben had them call  an investigator to tell them about the missing presents…to report the incident!  They had to go around the table and tell him all that they had witnessed:).  Throughout the party the phantom was running through the house so they could see him!


#5.  Before you can get yourselves out of this bind, four special items you must now try and find.  Velma’s glasses, Daphne’s brush, Scooby’s dog tag, and Freddy’s keys!  Now its off to the living room…you’ll never find these!


#6.  I can’t believe you’ve all come this far…it’s time for me to leave in my get away car!  Out on the driveway you’ll catch me if your fast…follow the birthday boy and see who I am at last!


Uncle Philip the Phantom!!

The kids all had a great time….we figured out who the phantom was…and then we all had cake/ice cream.

Sweet Carter…Daddy and I talked about the pure joy that was on your face the entire party….we love that about you…that you love to have a good time.  It was seriously priceless…and worth all the planning and effort of your birthday party!  We love you sweet boy!

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