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Comments from Carter…

  • I was doing laundry yesterday morning and I was singing pretty loudly around the house.  I was singing “Come Thou Fount”.  Carter came up to me and said,

CARTER:  “Mom, that is beautiful.  It sounds like a wedding song!”

Me:  “Thanks Carter!”

CARTER:  “Mom, when I get married will you pick a song for my wedding?”

ME:  “Sure, but I don’t want you to get married!

CARTER:  “Don’t worry mom, I am going to marry YOU!”

  • I came home from work the other day and Ben and the kids were playing outside.  Ben sat down to talk to me and Carter was still wanting daddy to play with him and kept interrupting us.  Carter ended up getting in trouble so Ben took him inside to his bedroom.  Ben was explaining to Carter how much he loved me, loved talking to me and missed me while I was at work; and that we need just a few minutes to talk with each other.  Carter replies through tears…

                                   “Is she your best friend?  I knew she was your best friend!

                             Now what am I going to do?”

  • We were reading through Carter’s Bible the other night and were reading the story of Noah’s Ark.  We finished the story and I was tucking him into bed when he looks at me real seriously and says,

Carter:  “Mom, I didn’t see any snow!”

Me:        “Snow where?”

Carter:  “In the ark!”

Me:       “Um, no there was no snow!”

Carter:   “Mom, penguins only live where there is snow!  Penguins could not live on the    

              ark without snow.  God said  take 2 of every  animal onto the ark!  So where were

           the penguins?”   (I just straight up said I have no idea!)


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I am…

i am:


i know:

that nothing is to be taken for granted

i want:

to travel the world

i have:

the best mom ever

i wish:

my dad could have met my kids

i hate:

alarm clocks

i miss:

the ability to pick up and go to a movie/dinner on a last minute’s notice…aka before children

i fear:

my children being diagnosed with a serious disease

i feel:

blessed to have such great in-laws

i hear:

the thunderstorms outside

i smell:

my brand new package of double stuffed oreos that I am eating

 i crave:

a good steak and baked potato

i search:

blog land way too much

i wonder:

if I am raising my children right

i regret:

not having more fun in college…I was way too consumed with studying

i love:

*Ben, my husband and best friend

*Having a really close extended family

i care:

about people who are hurting

i always:

take a nap every day

i believe:

if I die tomorrow I will live for eternity in Heaven

i dance:

all the time around my house…dancing makes me happy

i sing:

every day…several times a day

i don’t always:

have patience

i write:

letters sent by snail mail…nothing like getting mail in your mail box!

i lose:

my patience

i never:

let a day go by without dancing/singing/laughing with my husband and children

i like to listen:

to other people’s problems

i can usually be found:

entertaining my children

i am scared:

of my children being taken from me at an early age

i am happy about:

Summer time being around the corner

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I just finished reading THE SHACK by William P. Young.  This book is so amazing!!  It has seriously made me look at God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit in a totally different way.  I would highly recommend this book.  So if you are planning on reading it then you don’t want to read the following post…just some of my favorite ideas from the book.

Basically this man had a crisis occur in his life…and he goes to the “Shack” to “find God”.  He ends up having conversations with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and asks them questions that I would love to ask someday myself!

I thought the following was interesting:   Does God know every last detail of where I will go or what I will do?  So this man is asking God…

  • “Did you know I would come to the shack?”  
  • Of course I knew you would come.
  • “So did you make me come?” 
  • I am not interested in prisonersTHE NATURE OF FREEDOM ITSELF..Does it mean you do whatever you want to?  Lets talk about family genetic heritage, your DNA, your metabolic uniqueness, the quantum stuff that is going on at a subatomic level where only I am the always-present observer.  Or the intrusion of your souls sickness that binds you, or the social influences around you .  And then there’s advertising, propaganda, and paradigms.  what is freedom really?

Questioning why people have such a hard time believing that God is truly wonderful…or better yet why they would even want to become a believer and follow Him.

This is God talking:

The problem is that many folks try to grasp some sense of who I am by taking the best version of themselves, projecting that to the nth degree, factoring in all the goodness they can perceive, which often isn’t much, and then call that God.  And while it may seem like a noble effort, the truth is that it falls pitifully short of who I really am.  I’m not merely the best version of you that you can think of.  I am far more than that, above and beyond all that you can ask or think

I have friends that do not know God..and really don’t see why I think He is so wonderful and great.  This made perfect sense to me….their version of God is exactly this…a little bit better of the best things they know…and in most of their lives so far it really hasn’t been all that great!  Kind of hard to want to follow a God that is just a little bit better than you are.


Asking if there is any chain of command amongst the trinity: 

God:    We are in a circle of relationship.  What you’re seeing here is relationship without any overlay of power.  We are always looking out for the best.  Hierarchy would make no sense among us.  This is a human problem.   Humans are so lost and damaged that to you it is almost incomprehensible that people could work or live together without someone being in charge    It is one reason why experiencing true relationship is so difficult for humans.   I think this rang so true to why so many relationships are so messed up now days.  Everyone is worried about who is in charge, who has the power, who is in control.


Why do bad things happen to good people?  Why don’t you stop them?  

God There are millions of reasons to allow pain and hurt and suffering rather than to eradicate them, but most of those reasons can only be understood within each person’s story.  I am not evil.  Your choices are also not stronger than my purposes, and I will use every choice you make for the ultimate good and the most loving outcome.    If you knew I was good and that everything – the means, the ends, and all the processes of individual lives – is all covered by my goodness, then while you might not always understand what I am doing, you would trust me.    Trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you are loved.  Because you do not know that I love you, you CANNOT trust me.


The next part was definitely my favorite chapter.  Judging day!  How often have we judged the people around us?  Daily, I am sure!  The following made me really realize how NO ONE is capable of judging besides God himself.  Who am I to think I have an inkling of an idea of what or why this person has behaved the way he/she has?  Even all of the evil things we hear of people doing to which we are quick to point a finger…they are still children of God’s. 

The Holy Spirit is asking the man:

  • Which one of your 3 children do you love the most? 
  • “I don’t love any one of them more than any of the others.  I love each of them differently.” 
  • What if they make bad choices or do not behave?  How does that affect your love for them? 
  • “It doesn’t really.”  
  • So you love your children much the way Our Father loves all of His!”

This man does not believe that the Father loves everyone well, because bad things are still happening to the innocent.

So they make him sit in the judges chair.  He states that he is not capable of judging….to which they reply…



So they make him judge God and the human race.  Basically it goes into how far back should the judging go?  The sick soul that tortures children?  What about his father and mother who tortured him in the same way???  Where do you stop?   Basically making you realize that “God knows every person ever conceived, and He knows them so much deeper and clearer than you will ever know your own children.  He loves each one according to his knowledge of the being of that son or daughter.”

God doesn’t stop a lot of evil things that cause Him pain.  Your world is severely broken.  You demanded your independence, and now you are angry with the one who loved you enough to give it to you.  Your world is lost in darkness and chaos, and horrible things happen to those that He is especially fond of.  He chose the way of the cross where mercy triumphs over justice because of love.  Would you instead prefer He’d chosen justice for EVERYONE?  Do you personally want justice or would you rather have mercy???

I, for one, would definitely want mercy for myself and my family!  But, when it comes to other people, bad people that do evil things, don’t we most of the time want JUSTICE to be served??!!

OK, this post is getting really long (sorry), so I will stop here.  Seriously go pick up this book if you have not read it!  It is so good!  It will make you look at yourself and God and the world around you in such a different manner!

If you have read it let me know what you think!!

Happy reading!

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We arrived home after travelling for a week in California.  We took Carter with us and left the little lady in Oklahoma:)!  We had a wonderful time!  It was so much fun to get to hang out with Carter for an entire week with no other distractions!  He soaked up all the attention and loved every minute of it!  The airplane ride fascinated him…and to sleep in a hotel was a big deal!  “It is like a big slumber party…let’s not go to sleep…let’s just talk all night!” 

On our first day we woke up early and headed straight to the “HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH… WHERE ALL OF YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!”  The very first person we ran into once we were inside was none other than….

I wish all of you could have seen Carter’s face…priceless!!!

After meeting up with these two characters we raced off to ride some rides.  First up, which ended up being one of Carter’s favorites, was the Buzz Lightyear ride.  You basically ride in these twirling cars and you have guns to help Buzz defeat the bad guys.  Guess who was waiting for us when we got off…

Then the funniest thing happened.  Ben and I had not been to Disneyland in about 7 years and didn’t really remember all of the rides.  So next to the Buzz ride was SPACE MOUNTAIN!  Being the wonderful parents that we are, we took our sweet and innocent just turned 4 year old on this CRAZY ride~~~WOW!!!  It is an incredibly fast roller coaster in complete darkness.  Carter was sitting with Ben and I was sitting behind them.  I have to admit that I was crying because I was laughing so hard at the thoughts that had to be running through his head…something like…”My parents have completely lost their minds…I am going to die in this place…I won’t DARE let them see me cry… If this is what Disneyland is like then I WANT TO GO HOME!!!”  When the ride finished I said to Carter something like “What in the World just happened???”  To which he replied…”I don’t know, but I feel SICK!!”

The rest of the afternoon we rode all of the “age appropriate” rides and had a ton of fun!  You know how they dump you into a gift store as you exit every ride…out of everything to pick from this is what Carter wanted…

The enormous sucker that turns your shirt a beautiful rainbow of colors!!!

One more funny story from the day.  We were going on the last ride…PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!  This was always one that I remembered liking as a child and I was excited to take Carter on it..him loving pirates and all.  For the first few minutes he was acting all squeamish, which surprised me, so I was telling him that all of this is pretend/just a show to which he replied to me, “Mom, you said this is where all of my dreams come true!”    (I guess I forgot to tell him only your GOOD dreams!”)

We had a great time…saw all of the characters…and did I mention that we had the park to ourselves and we literally walked on rides or had maybe a 15 minute wait…MARVELOUS!!!

The next morning we went hiking in the mountains

We went back to the hotel for a nap and then headed to the beach for the afternoon.

The rest of the week we spent on the beautiful campus of Pepperdine!  We literally saw a deer walk 10 feet in front of us.  Carter asked us if, “God made the deer so that the good guys could shoot them?”  We told him to ask his uncle Philip that question…

We spent our last afternoon on the Santa Monica Pier.  We saw dolphins swimming right in our view.  It was sooo neat!  Carter and I flew back by ourselves.  As we took off we flew over the ocean and turned back around to head over the mountains…Carter began singing  MY GOD IS SO BIG!  He sang the entire song…staring out the window in awe…and then looked at me and said, “Mom, can you believe God made all of this stuff?”  I told Ben later that I seriously could just imagine God smiling down on this precious child of His!

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