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Little Leighton is ONE!

Sweet little Leighton, Oh how we LOVE you!  This has been a great year getting to know your little personality…your likes/dislikes…and what makes you laugh!  You are a BUSY-BODY!!  You like to open every single drawer and cabinet in the house.  You have your hands full of “treasures” at all times.  You LOVE Carter and Caroline and giggle with excitement every time they are around.  You like to play with balls and babydolls…and you LOVE to be outside.  You dance when you hear music.  You are still a great sleeper…an OK eater…and the best little snuggle-bug around!  You say “Da-Da” for daddy and “Ca-Ca” for Carter.  You want mommy all to your self!  When I am holding Carter or Caroline…you hang on me and whine…a little jealous:)!  You love going to church and playing in the nursery…they love you there…it is such a blessing!

For your birthday we had a LadyBug theme.  You enjoyed playing outside and opening presents.  You wanted nothing to do with your cake!  We all had a great time celebrating YOU!

Could someone please put me to sleep?


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