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10 year anniversary

Although the last few weeks have been a whirlwind…I have finally found time to write about Hawaii.  The trip was absolutely PERFECT!  Perfect weather…great food…very relaxing…great hotel…BEAUTIFUL scenery…all with my best friend.  We made reservations every night at fancy restaurants…and NEVER made it to one of those dinners.  It would be about time to go inside and get dressed for the evening…we would look at each other…relaxing on the beach…and at the same time decide we just wanted to sit out there and watch the sunset instead:).  We would finally go in when the sun went down and head into the little town to have dinner.  I LOVE it that we think so much alike and enjoy doing the same type of things.  We snorkeled…hiked to waterfalls…and parasailed.

Although Ben and I travel a lot, we always go with family and friends.  This was the first time since our honeymoon that we had been alone at a beach resort…so I found myself reflecting a lot on our marriage/lives for the past 10 years.  All of the thoughts, feelings, dreams you have on your honeymoon compared to how I felt and thought about life sitting on the beach in Hawaii after being married for 10 years.  In no particular order, these were some of the things that were running through my head…

*Thankful for good HEALTH!!  When you are 24 years old…your health is not at the front of your mind.  Health scares…labor/delivery of babies…health of your children.  10 years later we DO NOT take our health for granted!

*NEVER could have imagined 10 years ago what an absolute blessing it is that Ben is an incredible father to our children.  I knew he would be a great dad (or I wouldn’t have married him)…but WOW I have been blown away…and my children are so lucky!

*Neither one of us takes for granted or ever stops working HARD at having a strong marriage.  Being a newly wed…you are blissfully in love…and could not possibly see any thing in the future that could tear the two of you apart.   Sitting in Hawaii, 10 years later, we now know couples that have struggled greatly in their marriages.  10 years later we now know that to have a  strong marriage means to take constant inventory of  how your marriage is going and be in constant prayer about your marriage. 

*10 years ago…being poor newlyweds…we talked a lot about money…saving and spending, etc.  10 years later this is no longer one of our main conversation topics.  Over the years I think we have realized, as my father-in-law always says, “Problems that can be fixed with money are NOT really problems!”  The health of a loved one, marriage problems, an addiction…money comes and goes but definitely doesn’t fix REAL problems.

We sat at lunch one afternoon and thought about what the next 10 years would hold.  We talked about things that we wanted to do differently…which areas we wanted to grow/mature in.  10 years from now we will have teenagers and will have all new sets of problems.  We laughed thinking about what the 20 year anniversary trip conversations would be about!  What will our kids be doing…interested in… thinking about college??

It hasn’t all been perfect and rosy…but God has been so good to us…and we are forever grateful!  My prayer for the next 10 years is that we will follow God’s will for our lives and raise our children to love the Lord!

The beauty in Maui was breathtaking!





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The new look!

Caroline has been BEGGING me to cut her hair for literally almost a year now.  I fought it as long as I could:).  She was thrilled when I woke her up to tell her this was the day!  She was truly giddy as she sat in the chair.  The hair-dresser warned me that she would look much older after she had it cut…boo hoo!  Caroline kept staring at herself in the mirror…we would begin to walk out of the salon and she would ask to run back in to look ONE MORE TIME! 

We picked Carter up from school and he kept staring at her and saying, “Where did Caroline go?  The Caroline I know has long hair!”  He kept wanting to touch it and run his fingers through it…

The verdict is still out on what I think about it…but she is THRILLED and there will be NO MORE fighting about her hair…not many options with this hair cut unlike long hair we would truly argue about her hair constantly…which led to many tears!  Oh the joys of having a little girl!  Diana, April, and Lindsay you will all soon get to experience the craziness!

MiMi and Nanna…I held out as long as I could!  It WILL grow back:)!

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Halloween Recap!

I cannot seem to find 5 minutes to jump on here and update the ol’ blog!  We have been crazy busy lately…from Carter’s homework, baseball, and church musical practice to the Rangers being in the World Series…and my husband attending nearly EVERY playoff game for a month.  I had the hole in my heart fixed on October 7th…and have recovered just fine:).  Leighton is into EVERYTHING…every drawer/cabinet in the house…and Caroline is as darling as EVER:)!  Oh yeah, so back to Halloween, for anyone out there not tired of seeing pics of my kids…here is the recap…

A few weeks back we started the festivities with our care-group from church…carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating amongst ourselves.

Carter was all into the carving…Caroline not so much:)

Leighton was her curious little self and wondering all over the place!

Here is the crew…around 30 kids!

Jack and Jackie the pumpkins

On Halloween night…the weather was beautiful…we went trick-or-treating at my sis-in-law Aimee’s house.  Ben was at the World Series game, but the kids and I had a great time!


Beautiful Queen Caroline

Carter the Sea Creature

Leighton the lady bug

Canon and Caroline are the sweetest cousins/friends…this is who Caroline will tell you is her Best Friend!

Kellan and Carter have a blast when they are together…thank you God for cousins!


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