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Look who we saw today!  The kids had so much fun…staring in awe of this person that will grant them their every wish!!  They sat in his lap and rattled off a list a mile long.  On the way home Carter asked me where Santa’s sleigh was parked.  I told him on the roof of the mall of course!  He asked me why Santa didn’t just park it in the parking lot…???  I said I didn’t know.  He sat in silence for awhile and then told me…”Mom, it is because someone would walk by and say the magic word to make it fly.”  So I asked him what WAS the magic word?  He said, “Well mom, he calls all of the reindeer’s names out loud!”

I love these sweet years with these little souls and all of their wonder and awe at Christmas time!  I hope all of you are enjoying this season of joy!


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I know I have written before about how much I love my job and how great it is to step into the lives of my patients for a little while each day.  I have been thinking about this again this past week and wanted to give you a glimpse of what I experience.  Now, I know a lot of it is my personality…but I truly am moved to think of, pray for, be sad with, happy for, mad at, go to bed thinking about…these patients.  It has hit me today how my emotions change every 45 minutes…due to whatever my patients are going through.  I can’t really explain it…maybe I care too much.  Sooo…


My first patient Mr. W is this 75 year old man…so sweet.  I have seen him several times in the last 5 years and after I finish cleaning his teeth he pulls out a $5 bill and tells me to go buy myself a Christmas present.  Did I seriously just get a tip?  I have course tell him, “No, but thanks!”  Then he tells me to take it and buy Carter and Caroline a gift.  I decline again.  By the way he ALWAYS remembers my children’s names and it makes me smile!  He see’s me every 6 months and he knows my children’s names?!?!  It is awesome to work in a profession that you get affirmation every day when people tell you that you do a good job.  Not many people get affirmation daily that they are doing their work well.  Sweet little man!


Next up is Mrs. S.  I have seen her for 5 years…she lost her husband suddenly of a heart attack.  She would come in here crying…thinking she would never make it!  Then she began dating again….and this time she came in and was married!  She is on cloud 9 and I am truly so happy for her.  I see her every 3 months so I have seen her go through a lot of different emotions…and I was so glad to see her smiling again.

Little Miss K…she is a doll!  She is 4 years old and this was her first time to get her teeth cleaned.  She did great!  I have been seeing her mom since she was pregnant with her…and has become by far my favorite patient!  Her mother gave my children Christmas ornaments with their names on them…Caroline a bday gift…works up ideas for my Christmas cards and my birthday parties:).  She has become a real treasure to me!  She even comes in to see me when other family members are getting their teeth cleaned…so we can talk:)!  She makes my day!


This sweet couple in their 30’s I have been seeing for awhile.  He came in today and told me his 29 year old brother died in a car wreck…his only sibling…they were very close.  He told me Thanksgiving was terrible…and his family doesn’t even want to have Christmas this year.  He said, “Every night I try to go to sleep and all I can hear is my mom saying the words, “J is DEAD!”  My heart aches for him!!

ER nurse comes in…this is the 2nd time I have seen her…don’t know her all that well.  She has a baby that is one and a half and a 2 year old….8 months apart.  One was artificial insemination and the other was adopted from CPS.  She went on and on about how much she adores these little girls…and how blessed she feels!  Of course I saw pictures and they are darling!

Mr and Mrs H are 90 and 91.  They have all of their teeth!  They are so funny…drive themselves here!  Mrs. H tells me her husband is ready to die…he’s not sick…just kind of tired of life!  She asked me to encourage him!  At the end of her appointment she looks at me with these 91 year old really yellow teeth and asks me if I think she should spend $400 to bleach them…I tell her of course not…they are beautiful!  I’ve been smiling about that one all morning!


So that is the emotional roller coaster I go on every Monday and Tuesday.  I go home talking about them, falling asleep thinking of them, and praying for them on my way in the car.  I am sure Ben get’s tired of hearing, “There was this patient….”.  I realize this is not interesting to anyone else…unless you sit 5 inches away from their face and hear their pain and joy…and most people think I just clean teeth…shoot, I am the best counselor out there:)!  Hee Hee!

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