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Feeling Nice and Relaxed!!

This past weekend Ben and I had the pleasure of going to California for 4 days!  Our friend Dee Dee was getting married…it turned out so beautiful!  Of course we missed the munchkins…laundry…work…waking up early…cooking…cleaning…JUST KIDDING!!  This was what we did…WHATEVER WE FELT LIKE:)!  We woke up Friday morning and had an awesome LONG breakfast in Santa Monica in this quaint local omelet restaurant.  After we were nice and full we found a Barnes and Noble on 3rd street and read for a good 2 hours.  (I started the Twilight series…totally addicted!)  We then walked over and saw the movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!  Sooo good!!  We ducked in for a healthy lunch of cheese fries, went back to take a nap…and then went to dinner on the Venice pier with our great friend Tyson Evans.  During dinner we felt an earthquake!

Saturday we drove up to Simi Valley and went to the Reagan Presidential Library…we got to walk on Air Force One…pretty cool.  That night we went to the rehearsal dinner and sang karaoke all night long:)!

Sunday we went for a nice, long, peaceful lunch…I got my nails done…and then the wedding was at 4pm.  It was so beautiful!!  We danced all night long! 

We came back ready to be parents again!  I thank God for these type of weekends that rejuvenate both Ben and I as a couple and as parents!!  We are truly blessed!


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Look What Carter Lost!!





My sweet little bitty man lost his FIRST TOOTH!!  I couldn’t believe it!!  He will be 5 in March.  I don’t ever remember hearing of another 4 year old losing his tooth!  He did get his first tooth at 4 months old..which is way early…so it only makes since for it to fall out early as well.  For some reason this has made me so sad!  To me this is such a HUGE step in admitting to myself that he is not my little baby boy anymore…he is growing up way too fast!

He had been telling us that his tooth was loose for about a month…and he had been wiggling it trying to get it out.  Tonight at dinner he was eating an orange and it just fell right out.  I was on my way home from work…and when I got home he came running in to show me…I screamed and screamed and screamed:)…hee hee!!  I seriously could not believe it…I wanted to put it back in and turn back the clock to 4 years ago. WOW!!

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The holidays in review!

It has been so long, I don’t even know where to begin!  We had an absolutely WONDERFUL Christmas break!  It was filled with LOTS of family, fun, and laughter!!  We celebrated Christmas in Oklahoma for 3 consecutive days…with different parts of the family:).  This ranged from eating way too much food, playing mafia, playing dirty Santa, and talking until 2am nearly every night.  Our kids LOVE being with their cousins…and Ben and I mentioned time and time again how blessed we are that they all get to grow up together.  They are truly the greatest of friends. 


Do my children look thrilled to be having their picture taken or what?


The cousins waiting patiently to begin opening presents!


Christmas Morning!!


Santa left Caroline a doll with a lot of changes of clothes, a doll bath tub, and some books!


Santa left Carter “Spy Gear” and Star Wars ships and figures!


We left the Saturday after Christmas and drove to Telluride, Colorado to meet Ben’s side of the family for fun in the snow!  This was our house…the entire place was truly gorgeous!!  The 7 cousins had a blast playing in the snow.  They would be outside by 9am and come back inside around 5pm…they went sledding, made snow forts, snow candy…you name it and it was made!  We skiied 2 of the 5 days and had a BLAST!! One day with the kids…COMPLETE FRUSTRATION…and the next day Mimi and Grandad watched the munchkins and the rest of the adults went skiing…PURE BLISS!!



This run was called SEE FOREVER!  The view was breath-taking!


Caroline wasn’t too fond of being bundled up!  Good thing we live in Texas!


This was such a relaxing trip.  I watched ZERO TV, DID NOT have my cell phone, and DID NOT touch a computer for 8 days…it was great!  We read, played games, put together puzzles, and talked and talked and talked…GREAT MEMORIES!

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