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Good Day!

It was a beautiful 70 degrees here in Texas today!  I LOVE Wednesdays…because we PLAY all day!  Here was a glimpse of our day.


Wake up and play operation…candy land…hi-ho cherry-o.  Build a castle to battle Carter’s castle.  Dress up like spy’s…and explore the house. 


Grab lunch and head to the park to feed the ducks!


Come home for the kids to each take 2 hour naps…as I finish the Twilight Series:)!


Wake up from naps and head outside to ride bikes/scooters.


Daddy comes home with pizza!…(a funny moment) as we were sitting down eating Ben began talking about the TV series 24 which we both really like.  He wasn’t thinking about the kids listening…and was talking about this girl “getting killed” and this guy “pulling a gun” from the show.  All I said was “HONEY!”   Carter replies…”Honey don’t talk about that kind of stuff in front of the kids…it is a little bit scary!”  WE CRACKED UP!  He knows me pretty well:).


End the night dancing to “Sexyback” and “What comes around” by Justin Timberlake.  Carter’s personal favorite “If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it”  by Beyonce’.


There was no thought of cooking or laundry being done today.


This is what we call a GOOD DAY!

After writing this I had to laugh out loud thinking what some of yall may be thinking that are reading this…killing…guns…and our choice of music to dance to.  Just keeping it real friends just keeping it real:)!


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Catching up!

It feels like it has been awhile since I have posted anything.  It has been a little busy around here:).   We went to San Antonio for Valentine’s Weekend.  We were supposed to leave the kids in Oklahoma with my parents…but Caroline got sick on the way and so we only left Carter.  2 hours later she was perfectly fine (I think it was something she had eaten).  So we took her with us…it turned out OK.

While we were gone…3 days…the strangest thing happened to Carter!  He decided that he LOVED his sister…MISSED his sister…and COULD NOT WAIT to be with her again!  It really took me by surprise!  Everytime we called he wanted to talk to her.  He comes running in the house Sunday night and first thing he asked was, “Where’s Caroline?”  I told him she was asleep and he was so disappointed!  He asked if he could go in and see her asleep….so sweet!  I told him that he had a birthday party on Monday afternoon to go to…he asked if Caroline was going…and I said NO…and he couldn’t quite decide if he wanted to go without her.  I explained that he would have all moring to play with her before the party!

I went to bed that night so happy!  I guess it just took being away from her for him to realize how much he liked playing with her!  Ever since then he has been so sweet to her.  Helping her do things…playing with her…laughing with her.  This is how they were sitting yesterday watching TV…he asked me to take their picture.


The other news around here is that we have put our house on the market.  So I feel like I have spent a lot of time CLEANING!!  It is hard keeping the house clean with the munchkins “just in case” you show it that day!  We are staying in Keller…just looking for a bigger house.

So that is the news around here.  Gotta go pick Carter up from school.

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Letter to Daddy

Yesterday the kids were playing with arts and craft stuff for well over an hour!  Carter then calls me in to write a letter to his daddy.  He was really serious about this letter…and wanted to make sure that I was writing exactly what he told me to say.  I had to share it with you:).

This is daddy’s.  I love you so much.  Will you be my Valentine?  I love you so much, can you take me for a run tonight?  You are my favorite dad in the world.  Can you get me an ant farm for my birthday?  I love you and you make me so happy.  You are my favorite dad and can we do something tonight together by ourselves?  Tomorrow may you drive me to the pet store so we can have a pet dog or snake?  This is daddy’s letter…please don’t read it if you are not my dad.  This is Carter’s and he is going to give it to his dad.  I love you daddy!

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