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Caroline turns 4!

Caroline turned 4 on Sept. 15th.  Although Ben and I definitely think she looks 4 and acts 4…something about that number seems OLD.  We gladly celebrated her for 3 days…she is such a JOY!  She had a smile pasted on her face all week!

The morning of her birthday, Wednesday,  she woke up to the best breakfast ever:  COOKIE CAKE!!!

We went to gymnastics…

I told her we could do WHATEVER she wanted to do for the day…so after gymnastics she chose to go to Hobby Lobby and fill our basket up with arts and crafts…her ABSOLUTE favorite thing to play with!

That night before church we met our cousins for ICE CREAM…

On Thursday  Caroline celebrated her birthday at school…

with chocolate cupcakes!

Saturday was her birthday party…

She chose a RAINBOW party~

We made rainbow beaded bracelets…and painted rainbow ceramic magnets…

We had a RAINBOW scavenger hunt looking for different colored ribbons…she was on the purple team!

We played a skittle race game…carrying the skittles over the rainbow to the pot of gold!


Happy Birthday To You Sweet Caroline!

Caroline got a lot of great gifts…Mimi and Grandad gave Caroline an easel

I love you sweet girl! 


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My daughter…the hairdresser!


Caroline decided to cut her hair today…straight across her forehead…just in time for her first day of school tomorrow!  sigh!

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Don’t want to forget!

I feel like lately I am daily thinking, “I don’t want to forget ______”.  I’m sure it is due to the fact that my baby is about to be ONE!   Each of the kids are at such great stages right now.  Ben and I are constantly taking note of how precious they each are…we truly talk about it daily (sorry about how sappy this may sound).  But it is true,  we both LOVE being the parents of these darling little ones…seeing the world through their eyes.  We don’t take one minute for granted! 

So back to “I don’t want to forget______” Ben told me I should write it down…but it isn’t the things they are doing right now that I want to write…it is the VISUAL images that I don’t want to forget!

This precious baby LOVES  bath time! She will flop from one side to the other…stick her face down in the water…and drink from the faucet…giggling the entire time!

When she wakes up in the morning I take off her soggy diaper and let her roam free nakey-wakey!  This is her favorite book …she will find it WHEREVER it is in the house!


Sweet Caroline is SUPER GIRLY…God made her that way…I had NOTHING to do with it:).  I always want to remember her with her many changing of outfits throughout the day!


We have spent HOURS with Carter building leggos…I will admit that when I start one I am a little addicted to getting it finished:).  He came home from school the other day and I had finished a castle…he said, “Mom I just asked you to work on it…not complete it!  We easily sit for 1 to 2 hours building these…and we have the best conversations…that I don’t ever want to forget!


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