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Last weekend I got to take Caroline out for a “date night”.  I surprised her with tickets to go see Cinderella at Casa Manana, which is the children’s theatre here in Ft. Worth.  We got all dressed up…she wore her Cinderella costume of course!  On the way there in the car she asked a million questions…”Is it a movie?”  “Are they going to read me a book?” “Are the wicked step-sisters going to be there?”  “What will her dress look like?”  “Will they make her do all the chores?”  I kept looking in the rear-view mirror at her and could just see that little mind reeling:).  She couldn’t quite understand what a “play” was…and she definitely thinks these characters are REAL so she is worried for Cinderella because she has to do all the chores alone…and she is scared of the step-sisters:). DARLING!!!

Getting ready to go…

Waiting for the show to begin…

After the show, Caroline had Cinderella sign her book…she signed it “love Cindy” which Caroline thought was hilarious…

Afterwards Caroline got to pick where we went for dinner…she picked her favorite “Mexico Food”…

I had so much fun with you tonight sweet Caroline.  Your curiosity, excitement, and thankful heart makes me LOVE doing things for you!


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We had a nice and relaxing Easter this year!  We woke up early and let the kids look at their Easter baskets filled with goodies.  Headed off to church…actually got there early…and heard an AWESOME message!  Had a delicious brunch at Mimi and Grandad’s house.  The kids played outside for a long time which allowed us a lot of “adult” conversation time…which was nice!  The weather turned out nice…and we all went outside for the big egg hunt!

Happy FIRST Easter sweet Leighton!

Kellan, Caroline, Carter, and Canon…waiting patiently

The look in Carter’s eyes of, “MOM, you are making me miss out on more eggs by stopping to take this picture!”

Cassie and Caroline…sweet cousins

I just love these last two pictures.  These darling little boys…sitting in the middle of the mud with their church clothes on…chatting away.  I cherish seeing them this way…young and innocent.  I can’t help but hope that they all grow up to be the best of friends!

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Easter weekend!

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For Carter’s birthday party this year we had a Science birthday!  We had a blast putting this all together…a lot of work…but the kids had a GREAT time!  So to start with…as the kids were arriving we had them build a molecule tower…complete with marshmallows, gummy bears, and toothpicks.

After they had worked on their molecular towers for awhile…the doorbell rang.  A Mad Scientist left a note on the door and had stolen all of the presents…

(looking for the mad scientist)

I see there’s a birthday boy here today…and lots of friends gathered to play.

I like birthdays too you see…and now I bring you a mystery!

I’m called the Mad Scientist, experiments I make…

and because I’m half crazy, I’m eyeing your cake

and I’ve stolen your presents away in a sack

do you think that you’re smart enough to get them all back?

I’ll tell you where they are if you pass all my tests

I hope you like science-and give it your best!

Now in order to get the first of your clues

Name five of the planets, or else you all lose!(they listed them off)

#1 Let’s see what you know…you must discover a way to make snow

So meet at the back porch and go with great speed

It ‘s there that you’ll find everything that you need!

(this was a teaspoon of insta-snow powder from www.stevespangler.com

…that when you add water absorbs 1000 X itself…very cool!)

Test #2 not so easy this time

Let’s see you get messy, let’s see you make slime!

So to the driveway and roll up your sleeves

When finished take a picture, don’t forget to say cheese!

( 1/4 cup glue + 1/4 cup water in a bowl…

1/4 tsp borax + 1/4 cup water in a cup…

add food coloring and mix together)

Test #3, you’re starting to learn

But now for the hard part – making a worm!

It’s off to the back porch for worm-making stuff

And no tiny worms! It’s time to get tough!


(gooey worms from www.stevespangler.com)

Test #4, you’re doing alright

But let’s see you make rockets that really take flight!

To the driveway to see your supplies

It’s time to find out – whose flops and whose flies!

(clear film canisters filled with water…drop in 1/2 of an alka seltzer…cap and turn upside down…stand back…these fly about 15 feet in the air)

Test #5 the last of my schemes

You’re becoming mad scientists too, it seems

But slime and worms, those are easy to make

Volcanic eruptions are harder to fake

So off to the backyard to finish my test

Are you up for the challenge? Are you up for my best?

(Placing a roll of mentos candy into a diet coke)

You passed every test, little scientists you are

So now come and find me, I’m not very far

To gain back your presents, and find who I am

Look over by the mailbox, and catch me if you can!

(They caught the mad scientist…found the presents…and came in for cake and ice cream)

(Carter’s cake was a volcano with dry ice placed down the middle so that it would have smoke coming out the top)

All of the hard work and planning was worth it when we saw how much fun the kids were having!!  Great memories that will last a lifetime! 

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