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My sweet nieces!

As summer was ending last week and we were going over our list of fun things we did this summer, I asked the kids if there was anything on their list that we didn’t get to do!?!  They BOTH answered, “To have Bailee and Taylor(their cousins) spend the night!”

So we picked them up on Friday morning and headed straight to the bowling alley.  They all had a blast!  They get along so well for such a big age gap!  Bailee is 12 years old and Taylor is 10 years old.





After bowling we came back to the house to play and swim.  They did all kinds of arts/crafts…dressing up…and playing games.  Bailee and Taylor were a huge help with Leighton…I can’t wait until they are old enough to babysit:).  We all loved them being here and wished we could see them more often!

Taylor LOVES to play board games…we probably played 10 different ones!


Caroline loved Bailee braiding her hair…

What a great way to end our fun summer!

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First Day of School

Carter was excited for his first day of school to begin this week.  This kid LOVES to learn, LOVES to be surrounded by kids, and LOVES to be on a schedule.  We all got to take him to school on the first day.  We walked him to his class and he walked right in. His teacher turned around to me and said, “He is sooo cute!”  (yeah, we think so too I thought)  Leighton asked over and over, “Where’s Ca-Ca?”  She isn’t use to him being gone all day!  Ben picked him up from school and he was super excited!  He had a great day!  2 days down and 9 months to go:).

Leighton helping Carter get dressed

Sitting in his class…

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Leighton loves Shoes!

Leighton is at such a FUN age right now.  We are constantly laughing at her.  She has an OBSESSION with shoes.  About 6 months ago we started noticing that she is ALWAYS walking around our house with someone else’s shoes on. The funny thing is that she is really coordinated walking  in them.  She usually puts them on correctly and almost never falls down!   If we can’t find her in the house…she is probably in someone’s closet trying on shoes.   I took her shoe shopping with me and she LOVED trying on shoe after shoe after shoe…she was truly giddy!

Wearing Daddy’s Shoes

Wearing Mommy’s Flip Flops


Wearing Carter’s Shoes


Wearing Mommy’s Tennis Shoes


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Goodbye Summer!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of another school year!  Carter is really excited to start school…and told us that he is not nervous about anything:).  That sweet boy loves to learn and loves to be with friends…so school is the perfect place for him!  Tonight he asked if we could go to Red Lobster to celebrate the beginning of school, he loves crab legs.  We got to talking about all the fun things we did this summer…playing with cousins, water parks, sleep overs, grandkids camp, Rangers baseball games, Mission trip to Brazil, fishing at Nanna/Poppi’s house, lego land, Rainforest Cafe, bowling, and going to alot of movies…were some of the things thrown out.  We had a great summer…full of sweet family memories!

So the kids are all sound asleep…clothes are laid out…backpack is sitting by the door…and the quietness of this house is making me a little sad to be sending Carter to school 7 hours each day:).  (Our house is noisy and exciting when he is around!!)  Good thing I’m only sending one baby off to school tomorrow or I would be a mess!  So signing off to a great summer…and looking forward to what the school year will bring!

Sweet summer pictures I found…

We pretty much lived in our bathing suits this summer…God has blessed us with a great backyard to play in!

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