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Sweet kids!!


Ben took Carter to see the King Tut Exhibit in Dallas last night.  Carter absolutely LOVED it!!  He has not stopped talking about it since.  He knows WAY more than I do!!


After every baseball game the coach picks someone to give the “game ball” to.  At tonight’s baseball game Carter was picked to receive the game ball!  He was thrilled!!  While he was playing  the pitchers position he threw the ball to first base and got the runner out!!  He was pretty excited:)!  He is having so much fun…we are so proud of him!


Miss Thang in her bubble bath!

Sweet Sweet Caroline…I could seriously go on and on about her.  I am totally smitten by her.  She is a little doll and brings so much joy to our lives!  Her daddy always says “she really is special!” (not biased at all).  She is sooo funny…I laugh at her all day long!  She is so prissy…I do not know where she gets it from!  She wants a dress on at all times…with matching shoes…and if they don’t match she lets me know!!  I took her shopping last night for clothes and everything girly and pink she was running up to saying, “Ohhh, mommy, it is beautiful…ohhh, look at this one!”  I would seriously just laugh because I cannot believe I am having these conversations with her!  It is just funny to me how she NOTICES everything!!  I got dressed up to go out last weekend…and she was just staring at me…watching my every move as I got dressed…hair….makeup…she goes into my closet and truly begins to tell me why I should wear each shirt she pulls out.  We were standing by the door, waiting for the babysitter, and she looks at me….grabs my face…and tells me, “Mommy, God made you so pretty!”  So sincere…very intentional with every word she says.  SERIOUSLY???  By the way, she just came in here as I was typing this (9:45 at night)…she has been in her bed for a good 30 minutes now…and tells me, “Mommy, I need to wear a dress-up gown so I can be a princess while I sleep!”  I tell her, “Oh, baby you are always God’s princess even when you aren’t dressed up”…to which she replies distraught, “But mommy, I don’t have anything shiny on!!”  I want to crack up…but instead I carry her to bed reminding her that it is God that makes our heart beautiful…and that is the most important type of beauty…so you CAN go to sleep knowing that God thinks you are a princess… even in your nightgown…with nothing shiny on!!

Could I just freeze her RIGHT NOW!!  Don’t get one minute older!!

Fun times…Fun times!


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Easter in Review!

I know I am a little late getting these pics up…but they are too cute not to.

On Saturday we had an egg hunt at Mimi and Grandad’s house…the weather was beautiful!!  We hid 165 eggs filled with candy, toys, and stickers!!



Canon, Carter, and Kellan

Easter morning the kids woke up to baskets full of surprises from the Easter Bunny.  Bubbles, candy, movies, goggles,a suffed bunny for Caroline, and a chocolate bunny for Carter.



Getting ready to go  worship our Risen King!








 By the way, did I mention that I was pregnant??


I am 14 weeks pregnant…and am due October 13th.  I have not written about this because I have been ridiculously sick!!  Seriously carrying a cup with me at all times to get sick into.  I pretty much have had a rotten attitude…haven’t wanted to talk much at all about the baby…names…gender…etc.  I have not cooked a single meal in 7 weeks…my poor husband and kids!!  But things are looking up!!  I have not gotten sick in 2 days…and today is the FIRST day I have truly felt like myself.  We are extremely excited about this little one.  Carter and Caroline are just as excited.  Caroline asks me constantly if the baby is still in my stomach:)!!  So there you have it…me with 3 kids!!  Makes me overwhelmed to just type that number:)!!


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Coloring Easter Eggs!!

We had so much fun today coloring easter eggs!  The kids loved it…as Carter LOVES all things that have to do with decorating…or celebrating a holiday!  The kids were content for an hour and a half coloring these eggs.  Carter was just precious…he would say, “Mom, this is the best day EVER!….no Mom, really the very best day ever!…”Mom, do you know how much I love you?”…and on and on:)!  I love staying home with these kiddos!







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Ok, so I just got back from enrolling Carter for Kindergarten!!  I totally didn’t think this would be a big deal emotionally for me.  I walked into this huge building…with tons of students…and thought we cannot possibly be doing this.  I am too young…he is too young…this is NOT where I am as a parent…am I?????????  So I sat with the counselor and filled out a lot of paperwork…and I know it sounds crazy…but it was all really surreal!  Like I was listening to her…but not REALLY thinking we were going to do this next year…I can’t explain.  Kind of like…”Yeah, Yeah, keep talking…but I don’t think I will be coming back:)!”

I had Kellan, my nephew with me, and Carter and Caroline… they were acting like 2 and 5 year olds act…and I kept thinking..see they don’t belong here yet…they are too little!!!   Besides, now we are at home and Caroline is dressed up as bat man…Kellan is a ninja…and Carter is Darth Vadar.  This my friends is what I should be doing every day…watching these precious children with all of their imaginations going crazy…thinking they really are these people they are dressing up as!  Besides…Caroline is going to miss her brother like CRAZY!!!!

I know I am rambling…and yes I know that Carter will love it…blah, blah, blah…but for today this is how I feel…a little bit sick to my stomach!!

I guess for now I will enjoy these munchkins dressed up, running through the house, and asking for snacks constantly!

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