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We spent the evening yesterday at the pumpkin patch.  The kids enjoyed looking at all the pumpkins…and getting lost in the HUGE cornfield maze.  Afterwards we stopped by the local pizza restaurant and then came home to carve pumpkins.  Carter and Caroline LOVE to carve pumpkins.  Carter loves the goo and mess that comes with it…and sweet Caroline is giddy with excitement just to draw on the pumpkin and then watch me clean/cut it.   Leighton had been wandering around the house playing when out of the blue she brings us her pumpkin and a screwdriver and says, “MY TURN!”  She is so smart and perceptive:).



Caroline was seriously concerned that we would NEVER find our way out of the corn maze…




The finished product…


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Western Day

Last week was Caroline’s Western Day at preschool.  She always looks forward to this day.  This year her favorite thing was petting the rabbit…she has been asking for a pet rabbit for over a year:).  The pony ride is always a highlight  as well! For my fashionista the “cowgirl clothing” that I had picked out…including a darling hat…was not quite fancy enough.  I didn’t want to fight that battle…so she got to pick out her own clothes:).  The HIP COWGIRL…

Little doll!

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Crazy Hair Day


Carter had Crazy Hair Day at school today…


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Tea Party Pictures

When we had the kids professional pics taken, I also had the girls pictures taken in a “tea-party” setting.  They are at such precious ages right now…and both LOVE carrying around their stuffed animals “Lamby” and “Alex”.  I wanted to capture this short moment in time…




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Sweet Pictures

We used a new photographer to take the kids pictures last week.   Jessica Boysen did a FANTASTIC job capturing their sweet little faces.  Here are some of my favorites…


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Leighton turned 2!

Sweet baby Leighton turned 2 years old last week.  Our little doll is ALWAYS happy, full of smiles, and easy-going.  Some of her favorite things right now are:  playing outside, jumping on the trampoline, playing with Carter and Caroline, reading books, and watching  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  She loves carrying around her stuffed dogs “Alex” and “Doggy”…they go EVERYWHERE with her!  She is a great eater!  She is 90% potty trained…which she has pretty much done by herself.  She is a great sleeper…she takes a 2 1/2 hr nap and sleeps 11 hours at night.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect addition to our family…she will always be our “BABY” and she plays the part very well!

We celebrated her birthday at our church’s indoor playground.   She was thrilled to walk in and see all of the mickey and minnie mouse decorations.


Leighton LOVES bubbles…so the automatic bubble gun was the HIT of the party!


She opened some great presents…


She got a tricycle from Mimi and Grandad…

Aunt Mandi…


I love this last picture!  She is such a fun-loving little girl…quick to hand out smiles!


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Keller Homecoming

Last week was Keller Highschool’s Homecoming.  All of the elementary schools had a float represented in the parade.  Carter was really excited to be in the parade.  He has watched the parade every year since he was 2 years old!  They were asked to wear 50’s 60’s 70’s or 80’s clothes. Parents and kids walked behind the float passing out a TON of candy!!  Carter was ecstatic when they asked him to ride on top of the float. 

The boys dressed in 50’s attire…

My 2 favorite parade watchers collecting candy…

These are the  kids that rode on the float.  Carter is on the top row…far right.

  I was so proud of Carter,  although he didn’t know ONE person on this float he jumped right on and had a great time.  He was talking and laughing with all the boys around him and had made some new friends by the end. I love it that he is so willing to try new things…loves to have fun…and jumps into situations with both feet:).   I love that little man!

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