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Halloween 2011

We loved seeing the joy on the kids faces this year!  They ran from house to house…so excited!  This was the first year that Leighton ran right along with the big kids…ringing door bells…saying trick-or-treat.  After each house she would say, “More candy?”.  Meaning…”can we go to more houses?”  Ben and I kept looking at each other taking note that life doesn’t get much better than this! 

Carter…my Navy Seal

Caroline….my Egyptian Princess

Leighton…my little bat



After we went to the houses on our street we went over to Aunt Aimee and Uncle Philips house to trick-or-treat.  They always love getting to trick-or-treat with the cousins!


 9:oo p.m…the last 3 Trick-or-Treaters standing…a navy seal and two Ninjas:)


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