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37 Weeks!




37 Weeks!!  I have been on “bed rest” for the last week due to High Blood Pressure.  As much as you can “rest” with a 3 and 5 year old…and a new house with tons of boxes in the garage!  I have been keeping track of my blood pressure and it has stayed around 140/90…so far so good!  I went to the Dr. today and I am dilated to a 2. I am scheduled for an induction next Thursday or Friday…depending on the availability at the hospital!  I have been getting more and more excited washing all the little boy and girl clothes…baby swing…bouncer…bottles…pump, etc.  I forgot how much STUFF a newborn uses!  It really is crazy!!  Of course mentally I am constantly  thinking, “This is the last time________” (fill in the blank)!  I sleep through the night, I only have 2 kids to bathe and feed, I get to carry a purse instead of a diaper bag, I only have 2 car seats in the back, and I could go on and on!!  We are very excited…and Carter and Caroline are as well.  Keep us all in your prayers…and I will keep you all updated!


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Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Caroline!

My sweet little doll turned 3 years old!  She is at such a great age!  She is so pleasant…joyful…funny…helpful…patient…we fall more in love with her every day!!  We both wish we could freeze her right here!!    She was so excited for her birthday party…she has literally been talking about it for 4 months now!  She wanted an Ariel (Little Mermaid) party.  It turned out just perfect…and she loved every minute of it!  We had everyone come dressed as princesses and pirates.  The big surprise was that Ariel showed up to her party:)!!  Caroline had the time of her life….the look in her eyes throughout the entire party was priceless!!  Ariel had a treasure chest hunt…music to dance to…stories to tell…face painting…and balloon making.  It really turned out perfect!




The girl cousins…Taylor, Cassie, Bailee, and Caroline

Princesses and the maid!



The boy cousins…Canon, Carter, and Kellan


Julia and Caroline


Caroline’s eyes of adoration were priceless!







So as you can imagine…the party is all that Caroline has talked about since last Saturday!!  She kept telling me, “Mom, I can’t believe I sat on Ariel’s lap!”  “Mom, Ariel really is my friend to come to my birthday party!”  Such sweet memories!!

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Moving Houses!

Wow!  I don’t even know where to begin!  This has been the longest 5 weeks of my entire life!  OK, so we put our house on the market back in March…and planned on taking it off the market on August 1st.  We were leaving for Florida on July 26th when we got a call that someone had made an offer on our house… and wanted us out in 2 weeks.  We cancelled our vacation (the last “adult only” vacation before #3 comes) …and began the negotiating…house hunting…looking at rent houses…apartments, etc!  Frantically I might add…because I am 8 months pregnant and Carter started Kindergarten this year! 

So we find a house we like…place an offer…and find out that there is already another offer on the table and they are deciding between the two!  They take 3 days to make up their minds while we wait on pins and needles!!   Seriously what is so hard??  Pick the highest offer!!  COME ON!! 

So our offer got picked…Great!  Right?  Right, except the buyer buying our house is a NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is soooo picky!!  We get a terrible inspector…who picks the place apart.  Then she has an engineer come check the foundation and WE HAVE FOUNDATION PROBLEMS!!  We had no idea….had not seen any cracks or anything.  So we have 4 different companies come out and give us estimates!!   We talk it over for another couple of days and decide to get it fixed.  We fix the foundation…and as a free service they do a full plumbing check when they are finished.  The next day they find a leak under the slab of the house….which they do not cover. So  the next day I get 4 more estimates.  They come out the following day…decide that the foundation repairs did not cause this leak…that it is a slow leak that has probably been there for years…but because this buyer has an FHA Loan it has  to be fixed and reported.    The following day he comes out here with a jack hammer…pulls back the carpet in my living room…and digs a 4 foot hole down under the house to repair the slow leaking leak that has been there for years!  That NEVER would have shown up had we not had a “complimentary plumbing check” !!!   We have not had one thing go wrong in this house in the 7 years we have lived here!  Within 3 weeks it is falling down before our eyes!!  Ugh!!

Well, I guess that about covers the disaster we have been dealing with…not to mention a whole lot of $$ in repairs!!Between all of this MESS and being 8 MONTHS PREGNANT…I haven’t slept more than 5 hours a night in  a looong time!!  I haven’t cried this much in 9 years of marriage!!  I seriously can cry at the drop of a hat…which is sooo not me at all!!  Between all the pregnancy emotions…and the emotions of leaving the house where we brought our babies home to…where they first learned to walk…ride a bike…etc.  Oh my, I better not start reminiscing!!  Caroline took a bath the other night….for the last time in that bathtub…and I got all teary eyed!!  I truly need to get a grip!! God blessed us with a GREAT house for the last 7 years!!  So  here is what we have been doing the past few weeks…

Overall the kids were great helpers!


Caroline wrapping up the dishes




After the house was all cleared out, we took Carter and Caroline back to say goodbye!




Our empty kitchen…


Goodbye Sweet House!!


We have been living with Ben’s parents the past 2 weeks and it has been great.  For the first few nights the kids were waking up all night long…a lot of transitions going on in their little lives:(!!  We close on our new house this Thursday and move in on Saturday!  We are very excited!  I think the kids will LOVE it…we can’t wait to show it to them! 

I will update with pictures as soon as we get moved in!

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