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Carving Pumpkins

This year we got together with a group of friends from church to carve pumpkins.  It was a beautiful evening…75 degrees.  We all gathered on the driveway…carved pumpkins…and ate pizza.  The kids were all excited about carving their pumpkins, but as soon as Leighton saw all the insides coming out of the pumpkin she changed her mind.  She decided she didn’t want her white pumpkin carved after all:).  Mr. Ty brought his doctor gloves for people to wear.  The kids and Ben thought this was GREAT.  Ben has always hated cleaning out the pumpkins…he was happy to wear some gloves!

All the kids and their masterpieces!

The final product…


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Family Retreat

Our small group from church had their annual family retreat at Riverbend Retreat center in Glen Rose, TX.  This was our 3rd year to attend…and our first time to take Leighton.  She absolutely LOVED it!  She loves to be outside…so this was right up her alley!  When we first arrived we took Carter and Caroline to ride the zip line.  Carter and Caroline went at the same time.  They were so brave.  They just jumped right off!

After they rode the zip line we all gathered together for some family games.

After the family games we split the kids and adults up.  The kids had bible class with games and arts and crafts.  Randy Scroggins (one of our elders) and his wife taught the adult bible lesson.  They have a lot of parental and spiritual wisdom that we were all excited to learn from.

As it was getting dark we went on a hay ride and then made smores.  This was Leighton’s first time to be on a hay ride and she really enjoyed it.  We came upon a group of about 6 deer on the side of the road.  It was very cool to get to see them up close.

Sweet time with friends…

As the night was closing we played one more game.  Four dads were picked to put on shower caps.  Shaving cream was then placed on top of the shower caps.  The kids were given bags of cheeto puffs.  They had to throw the cheetos and get them to stick to the shaving cream.  It was hilarious!

Put boys and shaving cream together and you get this…

The next morning we had worship service outdoors.  Mrs. Alyssa had the kids come up and help lead the songs…

The best family picture we could get…

We loved getting away for the weekend.  Clearing our slate…deepening relationships…enjoying the outdoors…and showing our kids the JOY of having Christian relationships.  Can’t wait for next year!

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My sweet little cow girl had so much fun at western day.  This was her first time to ride on a pony, and she couldn’t wait!  She also got to pet goats, sheep, and a bunny rabbit.  We love fun days at pre-school!

The tongue sticks out when she is SUPER excited…kind of wigging out:)

The girls in the Tiger class with their teachers…

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Sweet Leighton had so much fun celebrating Caroline’s  birthday that she could not wait for her own!  Her birthday was on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, which was a preschool day…so Ben took donut holes up to her school to celebrate.

When we all got home from school and work we let her open her gifts.  She got the Elefun game, a sticker book, some new sunglasses and a new scooter.  We had planned on going to dinner, but she was having so much fun playing with her toys that we just stayed home and played instead.  The simplicity of turning 3!

On the weekend we had a birthday party with friends and family.   Leighton insisted that we have a Mickey Mouse party for the second year in a row! She doesn’t like cake so we served her three favorite desserts…oreo cookies, popcorn, and donuts!  We rented a bounce house with a slide connected to it.   It turned out to be FREEZING cold that day…but the kids didn’t seem to notice.  They bounced their little hearts out for HOURS!!  The smile on Leighton’s face when she noticed there was a bounce house in the backyard was PRICELESS!  She just couldn’t believe we would have one in our yard:).

We love you little Leighton!

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For Caroline’s birthday Nanna and Poppi surprised her with tickets to attend the Olympic Gymnastics Team Tour.

So to say that I was just as excited as Caroline was would be an understatement.  I was giddy as the night approached.  The two of us walked into the American Airline Center and the energy and excitement was incredible!! My heart was racing…adrenaline rush…I even got all teary eyed.  Now I know all of that sounds a little over board…but I LOVE gymnastics!  They performed to loud awesome music and had all kinds of lights…which was super cool!  We sat on row 10 in the center of the arena.   We could see them all up close.  They are just all sooo talented it’s unbelievable!  Ahhh, it makes me smile just thinking about it all again!  Caroline was mesmerized by all the flipping and leaping…the floor exercise was her favorite.  It was such a great night!  Thank you Nanna and Poppi!

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A few months ago Caroline had mentioned wanting to have a cooking party.  She had a lot of fun helping me plan.  We invited the girls from her Kindergarten class and were excited to get to know them all better…and meet their moms as well.  This party turned out great…and everyone had a lot of fun.  So to my friends out there that were wanting all the details in pictures…here goes!

 When the girls first arrived they decorated aprons with markers and stencils to wear during the party.

After decorating their aprons, the girls moved into the kitchen to make pizza’s!  Each girl was given a biscuit, a rolling-pin (wooden dowel rod), cups of cheese, cups of pepperoni’s, pizza sauce in squirt bottles, and a spatula to spread the sauce.  Each girl found their name on a piece of parchment paper…and began to make their pizza.

Carter joining in on the fun…

Spreading the pizza sauce…

While we baked the pizza’s in the oven, Ben took the kids outside to play some games.  The first game was to carry an egg on a spoon around a small obstacle course…and then throw it into a skillet.  For the second game we hung donuts from a string.  Without using your hands you had to eat the donut until it fell off the string.  For the third game the kids had to carry a tray of Dixie cups full of water across the yard and back…trying not to spill the water.  All the games turned out great!  The kids had fun and there was a lot of laughter!

When the games were finished we went back inside to eat pizza and get some cold drinks…it was really hot outside!  After they ate we decorated cakes.  I had made each girl a 6 inch round cake to decorate however they wanted.  They each had a small bowl of white icing.  They got to pick whatever color of food coloring to add to the icing.  They LOVED icing their own cake…and adding mounds of sprinkles to it!  They got to take their cakes home to share with their family in cute little cake boxes.

The boxes they took their cakes home in…

After decorating cakes, we made ice cream sundaes and sang Happy Birthday!

We were so glad that Nanna got to be with us to celebrate!

I could not have pulled this party off without the help of my sister, sweet nieces, mom and best friend Brooke.

We loved celebrating YOU today Caroline!

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