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Family Vacation

Now that we are home…unpacked…and back into a routine, I have to give an update on our California Trip!  This was our first/last family trip of 4!  We spent the first 4 days in San Diego with Ben’s sister and her family….and the last 4 days in Malibu at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures.  The weather was picture perfect! 

This was Caroline’s first time to the beach.  She loved the “big sandbox” and the “big swimming pool”.


Carter collecting sea shells!




Caroline playing with her cousins Anna and Olivia




Movie night…all snuggled up!


Sea World…waiting to say HI to the dolphins!



Carter loved feeding the sting rays!



The adults enjoyed a night out of Mexican food and a Padres baseball game!


The beach in Malibu…the water was freezing!!  Ben and Carter kept trying to throw each other in!


Carter climbed to the top of Point Dume in Malibu


Beautiful Sunset!


We had a wonderful time…great memories!  The kids are at precious ages for the beach…ocean…sea world!  They were in AWE of everything we saw!  Tim and Emily made our stay perfect!  Em, I loved all of our heart-to-heart talks!  We love you guys!


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Conversations with Carter

It has been awhile since I’ve written a post about conversations with Carter…but this past Sunday he was cracking me up!  So this is what happened…


Ben had been gone all week to Singapore…and was coming home on Sunday.  We had spent Saturday night at my sister’s house and were driving back to the house to see Ben.  Caroline was whining and I told her, “If you talk ugly again I will pull the car over and spank your bottom”.  She gets all quiet and Carter says, “Mom, it sure has been hard since Dad has been gone!”

ME:  “What has been hard Carter?”  ( I’m thinking all of the laundry, yard work, school, working, cooking, etc.  as a single parent!)

Carter:  “Disciplining us!” 

ME:  “Well, what do you mean?

Carter:  “Mom, you give us way too many chances!”  (I’m dying laughing)

ME:  “So dad doesn’t give you any chances?”

CARTER:  “Nope, he just spanks or thumps my hand on the first time!  Besides mom, you think screaming at us is our punishment!”  (Uh-Oh!)

ME:  “I know Carter, I’m sorry about screaming at you.  Would you rather I just spank you?

CARTER:  “Yeah!”

ME:  ” I know, I will be better at that!  It is just really hard for me because I really don’t like spanking you.  It makes me sad!”

CARTER:  “Mom, you have to spank me so I will behave…and then when I grow up I will know how to teach my children to behave…and then they will know how to teach their children how to behave!”  (Seriously cannot believe I am having this conversation!”)

ME:  I just keep laughing because I am in awe that he realizes everything that I have been thinking lately…that I do give too many chances…and I had been yelling a lot this week!

CARTER:  “It is all really complicated mom!  Just ask dad how to do it when we get home!  By the way, when you do spank, your spankings are always really soft!”


I have been reliving this conversation over and over in my mind this week.  I have continued to laugh every time I think about it. But, also I am in amazement at how clearly he sees things and knows exactly what is going on!  Kids are way too smart…and he is way too perceptive!!

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Adam and Lindsay’s Wedding

In March we had the privilege of being in my step-sister Lindsay’s wedding.  Carter was the ring bearer…and I was a brides maid.  Lindsay was a beautiful bride…and the wedding was gorgeous!  She sent me these pictures this week…so I had to post them!


Carter and Adam


I love this picture of my little man!


Caroline and her “cheesy” smile!


Carter and Bailee breaking it down on the dance floor


We couldn’t keep Caroline off of the dance floor…hmm, she must take after her mommy!


The whole family!


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Night at the hotel!

Although we are on vacation right now (I’ll post more about that later) I had to write about my wonderful night….all alone!!

So lately I have been feeling TIRED!!  I know that sounds normal with pregnancy…but I was tired of being sick….tired of the same routine of cooking and cleaning…tired of showing the house…tired of hearing my name “MOM” constantly…tired of giving baths…and I could go on and on.  Does anyone else ever feel like that or am I the only selfish one out there???

So while I was at work last Tuesday my sweet husband sends me an email with an address to a hotel and tells me that I didn’t have to come home until the following evening!!  I can’t even tell you how relieved I felt…not having my mental list of all the things to do at home!  OH, I was SO excited!!

So I left work, went to La Madeline’s to eat by myself.  Got my food and sat down by the fireplace…and let out the biggest sigh!  I even laughed at myself…because it was the first time in awhile that I felt like I had taken a DEEP breath!  I just sat there…in silence…eating…as long as I wanted to!!  I had no where to be….no one waiting on me…nothing to do!!  It was really heaven!!

I then went to check in to my hotel…7pm…and the lady says, “Here, you look like you could use these…and gives me a huge bag of M&M’s and 2 bottles of water”.  Now the blessing of this is…that I was really wanting something sweet and needed to be drinking more water per Dr.(because I got dehydrated), but I was too lazy and tired to stop at the store….so when she handed this to me…I laughed again out loud…thanking God for always taking care of me…even in my little desires!!

I put on my pajamas,  planned on reading all night,  but I crawled into bed…watched biggest loser…and was fast asleep by 8:30pm!!!  Woke up the next morning at 9am…and read in bed until noon!!  Went to Fuddruckers and then headed to Barnes and Noble, where I read for 5 hours!!!  By this time I was missing Ben and so I called his parents and asked them to keep the kids for an hour while Ben met me for dinner!

Ben pulls up for dinner…gets out of the car…and tells me that I look like a different person!  I don’t think he had seen me smile or be relaxed in well over 3 months!! 

All in all it was one of the best days EVER!!  But, the main reason I had to write this post is that one of these days…when my kids read back on this blog…I want them to KNOW that they have the best daddy ever!  That mommy has been blessed with the best gift from God…a wonderful husband!  Ben seriously treats me like a queen…always has…from the age of 12!!!!  He truly always thinks of me before himself…ALWAYS!!!  If I could just be half as self-less as he is…it would be great!  If Carter could grow up to be just like his dad….I would be thrilled!!

Thank you God for my very best friend…my husband!!

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