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We had such a fun week of Thanksgiving Celebrations at school.  The first celebration was Carter’s second grade program.  It was a darling program with pilgrims, indians, and turkey’s.  Carter’s favorite song was “Turkey’s Unite”.  It was a song about trying to convince people to order a pizza instead of eating turkey on Thanksgiving.  It was pretty cute!  Carter had a speaking part.

Turkey’s Unite

Sweet Leighton had a Thanksgiving feast at preschool.  It was on Tuesday while I was at work, so Ben got to go eat with her.  She is in a phase of NOT wanting her picture taken…so this is the best he got!

Caroline was SUPER excited about her Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast and program.  She couldn’t wait to get to stand on the bleachers to perform.  They got to choose if they wanted to be an Indian or a pilgrim.  She chose a pilgrim.  They sang about 5 songs…and then got to eat a Thanksgiving meal.  She looked darling!  Her teacher pulled me aside and said that Caroline and her friend were “giddy” when they saw themselves in the mirror all dressed up.

Carter got to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast as well.  They each made a place mat to eat on.  On half of the mat it said THEN and the other half of the mat it said NOW.  They were given a plate of THEN food… deer meat, dried fruit, corn bread.  They were also given a plate of NOW food…turkey, cream corn, carrot cake.  It was a really neat idea.  The kids all LOVED trying all of the food.

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White Sox Baseball

Carter ended his baseball season with the White Sox last week. This was his first season with kid pitch.  The boys had an awesome season…they went 9-1.  Ben helped out coaching and had a lot of fun as well.

Ben coaching first…

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Florence Fun Run

Our school’s fundraiser this year was a Fun Run.  Each kid collected pledges per lap that they would run.  It was a beautiful day.  Leighton and I enjoyed cheering on Carter and Caroline.

On your mark! Get set! GO!

Water break…

He ran 40 laps!!

My sweet little cheerleader. She loved when the kids would hit her hand as they ran by!

So proud of Caroline…she ran 26 laps!

EVERY single time that Caroline ran a lap she would look to give Leighton a hug.  I love these sweet sisters.

Caroline and her sweet friend Addie

Mrs. Wimberley’s Kindergarten Class

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We had a great time trick-or-treating on Halloween.  We went over to Philip and Aimee’s house to trick-or-treat with Kellan and Canon.  MiMi and Grandad came over to walk around with us.  The weather was just perfect…and everyone had a great time!  Carter was a Navy Seal Special Op, Caroline was a fairy, and Leighton was Minnie Mouse.

Caroline and Cassie

Carter and Canon

These boys ran all over the neighborhood trick-or-treating…look how sweaty they are!

All the loot…

Leighton’s new smile…

As we were driving home, Leighton says, “Mom, there is just one problem with Halloween, I don’t even LIKE candy!”  Oh don’t worry little Leighton…your mommy does!

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Our elementary school has storybook character day every year.  This is when the kids get to dress up as a character from a book…walk in a parade…and stand up in front of the class and tell about their character.  The school brings in a published author that reads to the kids.   Caroline had watched Carter last year, so she was excited to take part in it this year.  Caroline dressed up as a fairy.  Carter dressed up as a Navy Seal.  He can tell you every little detail about his book The War in Afghanistan and Iraq. This kid LOVES history…just like his dad! Leighton was not going to be left out!  She dressed up as Minnie Mouse and carried her very own book.  Unfortunately it was BITTER cold the morning of the parade.  The kids all still had a good time anyway.

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