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Precious Little One

Are these not the cutest pajamas EVER!!!???  I received these as a baby gift from a patient/friend of mine and have been waiting for Leighton to be able to fit them…


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A few weeks back we went on a family vacation to Pagosa Springs, CO.  It was absolutely beautiful and very relaxing!  We left Leighton with my mom and my grandma!   Here we are all packed into the car ready to go…

This was the house we stayed in…it was so perfectly named “The Sabbath House”.  It was on a lake in the middle of the mountains…

Caroline LOVES to pick flowers…whenever we go to the park or for a walk around our neighborhood she is ecstatic when she finds flowers.  There were flowers all around the house we were staying in.  The first day we pulled up to the house…Caroline jumps out and says, “I will never have to worry again!”  “Worry about what? I ask her…”Worry that I will run out of flowers!” It truly melted my heart to see her pick flower after flower…day after day…until her little heart was content!  She found so much joy in this one simple thing!  And I know it sounds corny…but when she jumped out of the car and said that,  I really did think that God was probably smiling down at her! 


  Carter LOVED being able to fish whenever he wanted to off the dock and from the canoe. 


 One of my favorite things was hiking in the mountains.  There is nothing that calms my spirit more than to be walking through nature…marvelling at the beauty…and being amazed by God’s creation!  Carter was totally in his element…and sweet Caroline’s little legs kept right up with all of us!


The view from the top!

Caroline loves to ride on big brother’s back!

One afternoon we hiked up to see this waterfall. Ben carried Caroline close enough to the top that they both got sprayed…Carter was a little worried that we would all fall in…


 One afternoon we went to an animal wildlife park.  We showed up right at feeding time…so we went around with the keeper as she fed them and taught us all about the animals.  It was really fascinating!


We spent a lot of time relaxing around the house…fishing…reading…playing games…and making cookies!


One afternoon we went to the Springs Resort…which had 18 natural hot spring pools right on the river.

 Our last afternoon in Colorado we went horseback riding!  Carter got to ride all by himself…Caroline rode with Ben…and I rode on Old Paint!  We got to see some amazing scenery on top of these beautiful animals.

 We had a wonderful week in the mountains…great family time!

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Sweet little Carter graduated today!  I was really sad to think of him moving on up to first grade…Kindergarten just sounds “little” still…First grade seems SO OLD!!!  He has grown and changed so much this year…we are so proud of him and are amazed at all that he has learned!

This was his class yelling, “WE ROCK!”


Carter was blessed to have Mrs. Caver as his teacher this year…the most positive person I have ever been around!

We love you sweet Carter!

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