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My computer has been down the last few weeks so I kept a mental note of all the “events” I was wanting to blog about!  So here is what we have been up to…

A few weeks ago I came home to this…

A dwarf hamster…Mr. Fluff

I was a little shocked…we had not recently discussed anything about getting a pet…Ben went to the pet store and got sucked in. Carter is ecstatic and plays with Mr. Fluff all of the time…complete with putting him in army tanks and driving him around the house!  All I cared about was that I could not SMELL anything…Ben assured me that he got odor absorbing bedding and so far so good!

On a sweeter note little Leighton had her baby dedication at our church. 

Sweet little girl…Our prayer is that you grow up to love the Lord with all of your heart!

Caroline had her end of the year program for pre-school.  She was super excited to stand up on stage…woke up that morning at 6:15am ready to go.  Her program wasn’t until 7pm that night!  She did great…surprisingly she was a little embarrassed in front of the audience!

 After the program we went to her room for juice and cookies.  She surprised me with a mother’s day gift that she had made…she was so proud!


That’s our lives in a nutshell the last few weeks!  Our hearts and lives are full!


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