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Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter in Oklahoma this year.  We got to be with Nanna and Poppi, and our cousins the Barnes.  The weather was beautiful Friday and Saturday. We grilled out Friday night, and Saturday we took the kids to see HOP and then came home and dyed eggs. 


Sunday morning the kids woke up to check on their eggs…and look to see what was left in their easter baskets.

Headed to church to celebrate the empty tomb!

Poppi and Caroline…


Leighton is such a little doll…I could truly kiss on her ALL day long!

“What do I do with this egg?”


“Hmm, let’s see what’s  inside…”


“I think I will keep this for myself!”


Once again we feel blessed to have such wonderful family to celebrate with!


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Leighton at 18 months!

Leighton is such a sweet baby girl!  I wanted to take a minute to note what she is doing at this age…because now I know by the 3rd child that we really do seem to forget as time goes on!

She has the BEST disposition EVER!  She smiles ALL of the time.  She truly never throws a fit…just happy and go with the flow! She is full of energy and RUNS everywhere she goes.  She is completely content to play by herself for long periods of time. She is playful and flirty.  She loves to make us laugh!  Her mouth is pretty much open all of the time smiling!


She has turned into such a GREAT eater.  She will eat anything you put on her plate.  Some of her favorites are green beans, blueberries, black berries,raspberries,  oranges, apples, eggs, yogurt, pretzels, and pizza.  She is really good at using a fork!

She loves to PLAY!  She likes her toys more than Carter and Caroline ever did.  She especially likes balls, but if I am ever looking for her when she has been quiet for awhile…this is where I usually find her…


 Some of her favorite books are:  Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, Curious George, First Words picture book.  She has truly read certain books so often that they no longer have the spine in tact.  She will sit in my lap for a good hour and read book after book after book.

She loves to be outside…riding on her push toy…swinging…playing ball…or jumping on the trampoline.


She takes a 1 1/2 to 2 hour nap each day…and sleeps 10-11 hours at  night.  Before she goes to sleep she MUST kiss everyone in the house goodnight.  She sleeps with her “blankie”.


She doesn’t say too many words that “others” would understand.  She says…shoes, Da Da, apple, Ca-Ca for Carter, car, all done, and please.  She knows all of her body parts, all of her animals and their sounds.   She understands EVERYTHING and picks up on things really quickly.  She thinks Carter and Caroline hung the moon.  She will follow them around wherever they go!  She sure likes to be with Mamma when I am around…and I love it!

Being the 3rd child she gets to do things that I would NEVER have let Carter and Caroline do…

…eat her own personal bag of cheetos in the backseat of my car!

We adore this sweet little girl!  She brings so much joy to our family!  Ben and I daily stop and say, “Just look at her!”  We are truly trying to take in every moment with this little doll!  Thank you God for blessing us with little Leighton!

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Ben’s grandmother, Daisy, turned 88 years old yesterday!  She is the sweetest person ever…and overall still in fair health.  After school we went with Philip, Aimee, Cassie, Kellan, and Canon over to celebrate with Grandaisy.  We  gave her some flowers and planted them in her garden for her.  Caroline LOVED planting flowers with Cassie and Aunt Aimee…

 Caroline and her watering can…

Leighton with her shovel…

We all enjoyed singing to sweet Grandaisy and eating cake with her…



Happy Birthday Grandaisy, we love you dearly!

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Seven seems so old to me.  A” little boy” can still be 6 years old…a “kid” is 7 years old.  Carter is our ball full of energy…never a dull moment…witty…funny…little lover and snuggle bug.    It’s been a great “learning” year for Carter.  Learning to read, learning memory verses, learning to play basketball…some of this has taken a lot of HARD work and we are so proud of what all Carter has LEARNED this year!  He LOVES his friends and cousins…He LOVES legos…He LOVES being outside…and He LOVES following Ben wherever he goes!

We’ve had so much fun celebrating Carter the last week.  We started the celebration with Nanna and Poppi taking Carter to go pick out a new bicycle!

A few days later our cousins, the Barnes, came to stay with us from Tulsa.  We all went to MidEvil times and met our cousins the Poseys there…as well as Nanna and Poppi!


All of the kids had a GREAT time.  The look on Carter’s face the entire night was PRICELESS!  Our section was cheering for the red knight… he won the tournament and defeated the “bad” knight.  Before our knight came out, Carter leans over to me and says, “I am so nervous for our knight!”  He cheered his little heart  out…and got all excited about it!

The next day, Sunday March 20th, was his ACTUAL birthday.  We celebrated at lunch with Mimi and Grandad.  Carter got some legos, a rock tumbler, and circuits.  We had a relaxing day playing with toys and playing outside.

These 2 little ladies ADORE their big brother!  Leighton asks me all day long, “Ca-Ca?”  She is wanting to know where he is:).

This past weekend we celebrated with his friends at the Rock Climbing Gym in Grapevine.  All of the boys had a GREAT time…the smiles never left their faces!  Carter was a natural at climbing up the rocks…and this was his first time!

Getting his safety harness on…

Carter climbed to the top of the 35ft wall and rang the bell attached to the ceiling…

Canon, Kellan, and Carter…the cousins

Carter and his good friend Hunter…


We love you Sweet Carter!  We look forward to what God has in store for your life in the year to come!

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