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I am just now getting around to putting my Easter pictures up.  We had a wonderful time in Oklahoma with all of my family.  On Friday we took all of the cousins to the OK Zoo.

Britton, Barkley, and Caroline

 Brooks and Carter with the big Papa gorilla in the back

 My personal favorite…the giraffes!

The kids had a blast hunting Easter eggs.  We stuffed about 200 eggs and hid them all over the back yard.  It was a great time!

Easter morning they all woke up to goodies in their baskets.  We went to church and heard a great sermon!  We came home and “tried” to take some pictures…

Barkley and Carter are 5 days apart in age…aren’t they adorable?


That about sums up our Easter weekend.  We are truly blessed with family that we LOVE spending time with!


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We had a fun-filled birthday WEEK  of celebrating!  We started off last Saturday having his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese…aka “chunk e cheese”  by Carter.  Carter was totally in his element getting to run from game to game with friends/cousins.  He got a lot of great toys and had a BLAST!

I told Carter that I didn’t want him to be 4 years old and he said, “Mom, I will still be your baby!” …..ohh how I wish that were true…

Thursday March 20th was his birthday.  He wanted to have his cousin Kellan spend the night with him.  You see, Kellan is pretty much Carter’s idol.  Kellan came over and they played their little hearts out.  Kellan LOVES to dress-up as much as Carter does, so they always have a lot of fun when they are together.  We turned out all the lights in the house and Ben and I were both Darth Vader while the boys both had light sabers as Yoda and Luke Skywalker….FUN TIMES!!!

We finally all settled down for a movie and popcorn…

The boys woke up the next morning to a house full of balloons

and a donut cake…

We gave Carter a new “big boy” bike.  He looked so tiny on this thing!  He took off down the driveway and fell over the first time.  Then he got right back on and is a PRO now! 

For the afternoon we went to the Dallas Arboretum.  The weather was gorgeous!  Carter had a great time running around with all of his cousins…

Sweet Sweet Carter….What a fun year this has been!  You are growing into a little man so quickly.  You are still full of energy and love to wrestle with your daddy.  You have an amazing memory and a love for learning!  You like for mommy to read you the Bible at night and daddy to tell you stories.  You love to play with arts/crafts….and yes, your favorite thing to do continues to be dressing up.   Your imagination keeps you entertained for long periods of time.  You can go in the back yard with a rock and a stick and we will hear you talking/fighting/pretending forever!  You have a very sweet and tender heart.  One of my favorite examples of this was this year when we took you to the circus.  We were driving to the circus in Dallas…and we saw a man begging on the side of the road.  You were staring at him…and were deep in thought.  You asked us what he was doing and we told you.  About 5 minutes pass and then you say, “Dad, we should have been like the good Samaritan and stopped to help that man!”…………..WOW……….

We love you Carter and look forward to what the next year has in store! 

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Carter…year #3



March ’06-’07

The Year to Potty Train:)!  We had you potty trained pretty quickly…but when sister came along you regressed in this area:)! About 4 months later we told you that you needed to be wearing “big boy” underwear to have your 3 year old birthday party and this worked wonders!  A week before your party you simply woke up one morning, decided to wear underwear again, and that was that!!!

You became a big brother!


You are so sweet with Caroline.  The day we brought her home from the hospital it was raining.  You ran to meet us with an umbrella…you have such a sweet spirit!  You adjusted extremely well to being the older brother.  I hope you all grow up to be the best of friends.

The day-to-day activities of this year can pretty much be summed up with DRESSING UP!  Your imagination flourished and you were a different character every single day.  Of course, you typically dressed up mommy and daddy as well!

We would often go the grocery store with you looking like this!



What a blessing you have been in our lives.  You are so full of smiles and laughter that you keep our home a fun place to be.  We love you dearly!

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Carter…year #2

March ’05-March ’06 

This was the year for travelling.  Daddy had fun taking you to Pepperdine for the first time.  You were such a good little boy.  You absolutely loved being outdoors.  We took you to the beach and we walked all over campus.

14 months old


We were so excited to get to take you on your first mission trip.  We went to Switzerland for 3 weeks and had the most wonderful time.  We hope you grow up with a heart for missions.   Those three weeks hold some of the sweetest memories for me…you picking strawberries out of the garden…eating fresh bread every day from the bakery…taking our day trip to the top of the mountains. 

16 months old

This park was in the middle of the Alps…breath-taking!

In the fall you started to school :(…surely you could not be old enough yet!  You were going through some seperation anxiety issues…and this helped tremendously! 

18 months old

You were such a fun-loving little boy.  You loved to sing, read books, and go to the park.  You always kept us laughing!   You had an ELMO birthday party here at the house.  You were turning 2 and mommy had just found out I was pregnant with your little sister!

 2 years old…You are our treasure!

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Carter…year #1

 Sweet  Carter 


March ’04-March ’05 

Sweet little Carter is turning 4 this Thursday, March 20th.   So of course this has gotten me all sentimental about the past four years.  4 years ago at this time I was on bedrest for High Blood Pressure….little did I know how good “bed-rest” really was.  It sounds pretty good right about now:)!  We had NO IDEA how much our life was about to change.  Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine loving someone like I loved Carter…from the very first time I saw him. 

That first year was amazing.  Ben and I had so much fun doing all of the “first-time parent” things.  No experience is quite like having the first child.  Our “little man” was so much fun.  He was the best baby EVER!  He loved to sleep and he loved to laugh!  A pretty good combination if you ask me:).   Looking back, the first year was very relaxing, quiet, slow, and we cherished every day!

Little did we know how much energy this little man was going to have!

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Texas Weather…

I went to pick up some pictures I had developed today and found both of these on the same roll…taken 5 DAYS apart…only in Texas…

We all had so much fun in the snow!  It was perfect for making Carter’s first snowman!  Complete with oranges for eyes and a banana for a mouth:)! 

 Carter and Ben turned into icicles they stayed outside so long.  We all came in and fired up some good old smores!

 Miss Caroline “guarded” the marshmellows and graham crackers for us as she stuffed her face!

 Only 5 days later it was warm enough for Carter to beg me to wear his swim suit and play in the water hose…

 and shoot me with his water gun!

Only in Texas my friends!

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The last of the bottle!

I realize that Caroline is 18 months old and should have been off of the bottle 6 months ago. Because she is a picky eater I felt better about the fact that she was still getting her calcium. I was still giving her 2 bottles a day:).  She had boycotted drinking anything besides WATER in her sippy cup.  The fact of the matter is…we LOST all of our bottles…making it an easy decision.  It took her all of about 2 days to stop asking for her bottle and start DOWNING milk from her cup.  She has had me fooled this entire time.  I had to post a few pics of her last days with the bottle…complete with twirling her hair.

“Mommy, this is great!”

“OK, so if I can’t have a bottle…then I will learn to feed my own babies”

“This looks good, right in the eye!”

“Burp the baby!”

I LOVE YOU sweet Caroline…you are my little doll!


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