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Carving Pumpkins


Carter loved CLEANING the pumpkin…a boy after my own heart!


Caroline wanted to try CLEANING the pumpkin…


She did not like all of the mess…a girl after her daddy’s heart…so she decided coloring the pumpkins with markers was a much better idea!!



This is what “itty bitty” thought of the pumpkins


When we put the candle in JACK Caroline decided she needed to go get her ghost costume:)…I guess she thought he was scary!


She kept saying, “Don’t worry mom, don’t worry mom, it’s just me Caroline…don’t be scared of the ghost!”


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What we’ve been up to…besides rocking, bathing, feeding, and changing diapers of a newborn!!




Carter recently had a “silly hat/word parade” at his school.  He picked out his fishing hat…and pinned all kinds of fishing lures on it…and was SO PROUD to wear this to school.  He is LOVING Kindergarten!  He wakes up excited to go every morning and loves getting in the car and telling us every last thing that he has learned in the afternoon.  We are amazed at how much he is learning.  He totally eats it up and soaks it all in.  We had parent-teacher conferences last week and his teacher had nothing but great things to say about him.  We are so proud of him!  We thank God for a wonderful teacher…just perfect for him!  Definitely an answer to my prayers that I prayed all summer long!


caroline 1


Caroline had “western day” last week at school.  Is she not the cutest little cowgirl you’ve ever seen???  She is a MESS!!  Sweet as can be…LOVES Leighton…miss independent…LOVES arts/crafts…but she has definitely started pushing the limits.  I knew she had been WAY TOO EASY up to this point:).  She is trying to decide WHO is really the boss around here:).  I try to win that battle every time…but it has gotten harder with a newborn to tend to!  She actually reminds me a lot of myself…which is a scary thing!!

Little Leighton



My little baby doll!!  She is 3 weeks old!!!  It has gone so fast!  We had her professional pictures taken the other day.  She was a trooper!!  After 2 hours…she had all she could handle and curled up and fell asleep!  She is truly my easiest child EVER.  She NEVER cries…kind of grunts here and there if she is hungry.  She is absolutely precious.  Just stares up at me with her big eyes…LOVES to hear my voice.  I can soothe her in a second by just talking to her.  Last night I put her to sleep at 10pm…she woke up at 3:30am to eat…and then I woke her up at 8am to eat again!  She is such a good baby!  I left her for the first time yesterday with the grandparents while I took Carter and Caroline to the movies.  I was gone about 4 hours…and then I started getting a little anxious to be with her again.  It was such a funny feeling to really notice that something was “missing”.  That being with just Carter and Caroline does not “feel” normal to me anymore.  I was missing my baby!

So overall things are going really good around here.  Still trying to figure out how to deal with all 3 kiddos when they are all wanting things at the exact same time!!  I need 5 more hands I’ve decided…and I am already a GREAT multi-tasker.

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Miss Leighton Abigail

Now that Leighton is 2 weeks old…I finally feel like I can take a deep breath and sit down at the computer!!  I have had numerous calls/texts/emails begging to see this little doll…so here is the “picture” story!

We are patiently waiting the arrival of our little girl or little boy!


I had my typical EASY delivery…truly pushed ONE time…and out she came!  Dr. Walters opened the baby’s little legs so we could see if it was a he or a she…and Ben and I were so shocked we just stared in disbelief!  The Dr. kept saying, “OK, say what it is!”…and we still were just staring/laughing/crying…and finally Ben said, “It’s a girl!”  I truly COULD NOT believe it was a girl!  I was so sure it was a little boy…that it took me by surprise!


She weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces

20 inches long

Born at 3:30pm on October 2nd


We are officially a GIRL family!


Ben showing Leighton to the kids for the first time.  He walked up to them and said, “It’s a GIRL!”  Caroline said, “That is exactly what I wanted!”  and Carter said, “Can I hold her?”





Carter loves holding Leighton.  Caroline did not want to hold her because she was afraid Leighton would cry.  When Leighton cries it really upsets Caroline. 



Daddy loving on little Leighton!




How darling is this little face?  I just LOVE all of her black hair!


My two little girls!!  I pray they grow up to be best friends!! Caroline has taken such good care of Leighton!  She truly adores her!


Family of 5 giving Leighton her first bath.  She DID NOT enjoy this experience:).  Carter and Caroline DID  NOT like hearing their baby sister cry:).


Leighton has been the BEST baby!  She  is so easy!  She truly never cries…in fact I keep asking Ben if something might be wrong with her and he told me that I  said the SAME thing when both Carter and Caroline were babies.  God truly blesses us with the EASIEST babies!  Although she has been so easy…the adjustment to 3 kids has been crazy!  3 to feed…3 to do laundry for…3 different schedules going here and there (doctors/school)…3 to pick up after.  It has been 2 weeks and just today am I finally feeling a little bit more “in control” of this house!!  I LOVE the newborn stage…I could kiss on her and stare at her all day long!!  I don’t want her to get one day older!!  She is absolutely precious!

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Family of Four!


The last picture as a family of FOUR!!!

Well, it’s official!  Bags are packed…kids are at grandparents house…and our alarm is set for 4am to head to the hospital!  It is all very surreal!  Not so much with us here alone without the kids…headed to the hospital…we’ve been here before.  What was surreal was saying goodbye to Carter and Caroline tonight.  We will never just be the 4 of us in the car again.  I was leaving them thinking…they have no idea that our lives are about to change FOREVER!!!  I will never just be the mom to the two of them.  It was all a little strange!  To think that the next time I see them I will be in the hospital!!  So here is the last photo as a family of four!  We are very excited about tomorrow…I cannot wait to see who this little one will be!  Next time I post…it will be a picture of the munchkin!  Keep us all in your prayers!


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