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A few weekends ago we travelled down to Houston to celebrate Blaine’s Highschool Graduation…it happened to fall on my sister’s 37th birthday!  We had a great weekend, full of family…and hanging out at the pool.  We had 15 people in one house…GOOD TIMES.


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We had a really good weekend with the sweet Spicer family!  We went with Brian and April to eat at the Brazilian Steak House followed by dessert at the Cheesecake Factory…you could have rolled us all out of there!  With so much history…we talked and reminisced about previous years.  I met them at the end of 2001 and have been really close ever since.  Although I have known they were moving for 6 months now…I have truly not let myself “GO THERE” in my mind.  By letting myself “GO THERE” for the first time last night around 9pm led to this……………….CRYING, CRYING, AND MORE CRYING!!!  It was the craziest thing.  I COULD NOT stop crying…seriously uncontrollably.  I cried while I ate dinner…got ready for bed…cried the whole time…I got in bed and cried myself to sleep.  I just kept thinking that tomorrow surely was not the last time, for awhile, that I would get one of April’s great big bear hugs?  I know, I know, I know that we will see them again…but it will never be quite the same.  April always seemed genuinely happy to see us…we loved each others kids like our own…and who else would just stop by and bring ice cream for the heck of it?

We have travelled the world together…Africa…to Russia!  The roads in Africa…the safari…the hyenas…junkyard chicken…washing our clothes in a bathtub and hanging them all over our apartment in Moscow to dry. 

Then we both decided to start having children…we had no idea what we were getting into:).  Trying..Trying..Miscarriage…Trying.  Finally, we were both having boys:).  All of the random calls about…how to get them to sleep…eat…ear infections…fevers…walking..talking.  Noah was Carter’s first friend that he actually asked to go over to his house and play:).  I could go on and on…but then that would lead to more crying! I already have a throbbing headache!! So back to our weekend…

Saturday night (totally unplanned) they stopped by and brought the boys over to play…Carter and Noah had fun pretending to carry around the “offering plate”.  They played so good together and stayed up until 11:30!  Carter will miss Noah so much.  He keeps asking me if we “take a car or a plane to get to Noah’s house?”

Little Wesley was just NOW starting to let me hold him while mommy was around:)….and he will definitely be walking next time I see him…and probably talking:(.

Today I got to keep the boys while they were closing on their house.  Carter and Noah got one last play time together.  They had a ball playing on the slip-n-slide together.  They are both such sweet little boys.  We of course had to have popsicles…and I was feeling so sappy/sad that when they asked for a second one I said SURE!!  Little did they know that with the way I was feeling I would have said yes to anything they wanted!!

To the Best Friends EVER…  It has been a great 7 years…and although things are about to change in distance…we will of course have new adventures and trips in the future to keep the memories flowing!!  I will miss you living here more than words can say~ 



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How do I even begin to write about what a wonderful father Ben is to Carter and Caroline?  He absolutely amazes me with his self-less-ness…at all times!  Carter and Caroline both adore him.  He makes them laugh all day long.  He is such an awesome Godly example to both of them…of this I am the most proud!  Carter has such an excellent role model…and Caroline has the perfect example of what kind of man to one day marry!  Happy Father’s Day Ben…we love you!!

The kids and I woke up this morning and got breakfast ready for daddy.  His very favorite…BANANA BREAD!!  Of course with a 4 and 1 year old you always have to have candles!!

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You know when you haven’t written in so long…or so much has happened…that you don’t even know where to begin writing?  That is ME!  So I will give you a brief re-cap of the last 7 days.  This CRAZY week began with me walking into my bedroom closet…squishing in 2 inches of water!  Figured out that my refrigerator is leaking…we had the home warranty people come out…supposedly fixed it…started leaking again…they came back out…told us another diagnosis…and that of course, “THE WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER IT!!”

The following day I was driving about 40mph when the truck next to me decides to change lanes right into me…I swerve into the next lane…luckily no car was there…and NO ONE was hurt!  This was my first major wreck ever…and with kiddos in the car I was that much more scared.  I get out to discuss everything with the very nice man that hit me…get back in the car to check on the kids.  I asked Carter if he was scared and he replied, “No Mom…but you said a bad word!”  Seriously,  a big white truck hit on Carter’s side and all he could remember was mommy saying a bad word!!??!!  Anyways, this is all being taken care of by insurance…$4500 damage..YIKES!  We were supposed to leave that night for my cousins graduation in Houston…so we all piled in the tiny Civic…and it turned out great because GAS was so much more affordable!!


We get back from Houston and our TV is not working…Carter looks at me and says..”Mom, our refrigerator is broken (it is still not fixed)…our car is broken..our TV is broken…and we have no food in the house!  It is a bad hair day!!”

So we get the TV fixed the following day!

On Tuesday my Granny passed away!!  She has been very ill and we were all at peace with the situation.  So Ben and I went to Anadarko yesterday for her funeral.  This was all very surreal!  This is my dad’s mother.  Most of you know that my dad passed away in 1993.  To me, my Granny was kind of like the last “link” to my dad.  When we were with her…all of the memories of my dad were still very vivid.  Nothing had to be said about my dad…but when I was at her house I could feel closer to my dad…because this is the house he was raised in.  I know this does not make ANY sense…I am totally rambling…I think I am still trying to process all of these emotions and thoughts!!


So here is to a BETTER week!!

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