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Daddy and Daughter Date

Ben and Caroline had a date to the Rangers game tonight!  Caroline is having a great time eating nachos, popcorn, and lemonade!  Ben said she was so excited she ran the 1/4 mile into the stadium and ran all the way up the ramp.  This was the first of many games with daddy!


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First day of First Grade!

The first day of FIRST grade!  Carter was super excited for school to start.  He woke up on his own at 6:45am…woke up Caroline…and then went to wake up Leighton.  He got dressed and had his backpack all ready to go!  Ben said he ran right into school without any hesitation:).

Ben picked him up from school and said Carter was just beaming!  He jumped in the car and told Ben all about the “Best Day EVER!”  “My teacher is the best…she is so nice and explains things.  We did science today…and we get to do science EVERY day.  I made a lot of friends…and the cafeteria food was great!  I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!”

AHHHHHH…..music to my ears!  I was thrilled to hear that he loved it so much.  I came home from work and said, “Carter I heard you had a great day!”   He replied, “No mom, I had a DOUBLE great day!”

Caroline and Leighton were home with Ben today when  Caroline says, “Dad, it sure is quiet in here.  I think Carter used to bring the noise and now he is gone…can we turn on the TV or something?” 

Sweet little Caroline will have to get used to her playmate being gone during the day!

Prayers were definitely answered about our school situation…God is so good!

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