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Thankful Heart

I just got back from driving 3 hours in the car…I had all that time to listen to my CDs and think.  I started thinking about all of the blessings in my life…I know there are more than this…but these are the particular ones I was thinking about tonight.

  • Thankful that Carter has a wonderful teacher.  She is always positive and validates him at every turn.  I picked him up from school today and as he is getting in the car she says, “This is a smart boy!” He just beamed!!


  • Thankful for my sweet  husband.  He texted me today and said, “You are an amazing mother to our loving children, I love you!”


  • Thankful for a great house…that came at just the right time…which we are enjoying tremendously.  God is so good!


  • Thankful for a job that I love, with people that I enjoy working with!


  • Thankful that 9 years ago my mom got re-married to a great guy and she is happy.


  • Thankful for my 2 aunts, Deedra and Ninna, whom I love talking with, venting to, and getting advice from.  We have a very unique relationship for which I am greatful for! I have to call them each week to catch up!


  • Thankful for a darling little baby girl. When I hold her, all is right with the world.  When I hold her,  a total peace comes over me and I am  full of joy and I am content.  I tell Ben nightly, “Can you believe God gave her to us!”  I adore her!!!


  • Thankful for a best friend who is the most self-less person I know.  Who totes my kids around like they are her own.  Who I can call at the last minute to ask a favor and if she can, I know she will help.  Who I just LOVE talking to about day-to-day trivial things and deep things as well.  Who I know would NEVER judge me no matter what I say…because I can think out loud with her.


Just wanted to take time to write down what I am thankful for…so that through the loads of laundry…and the piles of dust sitting on everything…and disciplining the kiddos…I am brought back to what really matters!!!


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Here are some of the pictures we had taken when I was 8 months pregnant.  We LOVED the photographers we used.  www.munfy.com    They are so great to work with…we would highly recommend them!  Check them out!!!

 Amber 2

Amber 1

This is what the kids were doing while I was taking my pictures!

Amber 3

amber 4

amber 5

We had the photographers come over last week to take Leighton’s newborn pictures.  They sent us a sneak-peek today…

amber baby 2

Ohhhhh…so precious!!!

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My sweet little pumpkin





My tough S.W.A.T team member


My darling little Raggedy Ann






We had a great time trick-or-treating last night.  The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast.  Caroline doesn’t like candy so I got all of hers…what could be better??

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