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For some reason this week I have been taking mental note of all the funny things being said around here!

  • Carter hadn’t been feeling well, so we decided to bake some cookies.  He loves to help me cook!   We ran to Target to get the ingredients…and we passed the chip isle. ( I never buy chips with the kids around…and he can only eat them if his entire sandwich/fruit is finished first! ) Because I felt so badly for him…on a whim I told him to pick out any bag of chips he wanted and he said

                                    “Oh, Man!  This is the LIGHT!!”  (the life:))

  • Caroline woke up the other night around 2:30am crying.  I went in her room…and this is how the conversation went

                      ME:  “What’s wrong baby?”

                     Caroline:  “I have a boo-boo!”

                     ME:  “Where?”

                     Caroline:  “Down there!”  (pointing to her diaper rash)

                     ME:  “OK, sweet girl, lets go change your diaper!”  (I get her out of bed)

                     Caroline:  “I need powder!”

                     ME:  “I’ve got powder and a new diaper!”  (I begin changing her diaper

                             and putting on the powder)

                     Caroline:  “Ohhh, that feels gooood!  Ohhh, that feels gooood!”  (I  begin to

                                        laugh, put her jammies back on, and then she says,

                                     “Mommies bed????”  (of course I could not resist)

  • We were driving home from church Wed. night and I asked Carter what he learned in class…

                    “King Nebuchadnezzar thought he was so important…he decided to make an

                     enormous statue!    He thought he was above all of creation…all of the animals

                     all of the people…and even all of the ALIENS!!”

  • Ben loves to brush Caroline’s hair when she gets out of the bath at night.  The other night I was in the laundry room and Ben is putting on Caroline’s pajamas and brushing her hair in the living room.  He yells to me, “What makes rat’s or tangles in a girls hair?”  I yell back, “A lot of different reasons”  to which he replies (dead serious), ” Well we need to start taking special care of her hair every day!”

                  (I laughed out loud and thought, “If only his friends could hear him

               now… Ben Woodward being all concerned over this little girls hair:)!”

  • Carter and Caroline were playing in his room this morning and I hear him say, “Caroline

          this is ridiculous…you are wearing me out!”  (hmm, who does this sound like?)


Don’t you just love to laugh?  I thank God, daily, for the laughter my children bring to our family.   Hope everyone is having a great weekend…go laugh with your kiddos!


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What a beautiful day!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous…so we decided to take advantage of it by going to the Plano Balloon Festival!  We LOVED it!  We plopped down on a blanket…and watched all of the balloons from start to finish!  It was really neat!  I would highly recommend it!  Enjoy the photos!



(Have I mentioned lately how much fun it is watching these two truly enjoying each other’s company?)

The following 2 were the kids favorites!

Carter had a BLAST on the bungee trampoline!


Isn’t it funny how God totally renews your spirit with some much needed family time?  After all of the sickness going around our house, we definitely needed this!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Caroline!


We celebrated Caroline’s birthday outside at Mimi and Grandad’s house.  The kids had fun swimming and playing on the bounce house!  Caroline wasn’t feeling all that great but we made it through just fine:).

Sweet Caroline, you bring so much joy and laughter to our family…we love you dearly!

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Wordless Wednesday


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I am convicted!


Last night Becky Tirabassi, Christian author and speaker, spoke at our church.  She is known for speaking on the power of prayer, quiet time, journalling, and she is really a gifted speaker.  I was totally convicted about the need to be intentional in praying for my children…  alot of other things as well…but especially my children.  I want to be THAT MOM that is daily covering my children in prayer…and I don’t mean the generic “please watch over my children”.  I mean in detail about specifics…I want to be BOLD in what I am praying for and I want the FAITH to know that it can be answered!!  She said you don’t pray when “you feel like it”…because you probably won’t feel like it every single day!  But make an appointment with God and keep it!  I know we have heard all of this before…but last night I just really felt like God was telling me to quit being so lazy…and to see this as my #1 priority.  You can’t really hear from God if you aren’t in God’s Word daily!!  Like my friend Diana said last night…”I sooo desire that…so why can’t I just be more disciplined??”  When I am in God’s word regularly I am so much more patient with my family.  When I am in God’s word regularly I see the world around me differently!!

So I left last night feeling totally convicted!!  I don’t know how or when or where…I don’t have a plan yet.  But I am going to give it my best effort to come up with something that works easily for me… to be diligent in my prayer life!


This morning I got on the Living Proof Ministries blog (Beth Moore) and found she had written this:

From “A Soul Filled with God” on p. 9:

Personal worship is an absolute necessity for a strong marriage. It comes down to this: If I stop receiving from God, I start demanding from others. Instead of appreciating and loving and serving others, I become disappointed in them. Instead of cherishing my wife, I become aware of her shortcomings. I take out my frustrations with a less-than-perfect life and somehow blame her for my lack of fulfillment.

But when my heart gets filled by God’s love and acceptance, I’m set free to love instead of worrying about being loved. I’m motivated to serve instead of becoming obsessed about whether I’m being served. I’m moved to cherish instead of feeling unappreciated.

I read this and was convicted again…(I think God is trying to tell me something here)..and I absolutely agree with this.  This kind of summed up what I was trying to explain to Ben on the phone as I left the conference.  The above statement is WHY I NEED TO BE IN GOD’S WORD DAILY!!!  So I can be filled with God!


OK, so I will let you know how it goes.  By blogging about this…I will feel like I am accountable to someone…my readers/friends from blogland:)

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It’s been a great day!

First of all we have turned over a new leaf…and Ben and I are more than excited…..drumroll please…….OUR KIDS GET OUT OF BED AND PLAY TOGETHER IN THE MORNINGS FOR A GOOD 30 MINUTES ALLOWING US SOME EXTRA ZZZZZZZZ’S!!   Carter has always (every single morning of his entire life) woken up around 7-7:30.  He then runs into our room where he pleads long enough so that one of us decides to get up and start breakfast/cartoons.  Last week, completely out of the blue, he wakes up…gets his sister out of her crib..and they go back to his room and play their little hearts out!  I seriously broke out in the hallelujah chorus at the same time Ben says, “THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!!”  To finally not be woken up by whining/pleading…but to instead hear these darling little voices laughing and talking and playing.  It truly makes my day!!  So this is their morning routine now!  Ben and I first look at the clock around 8am…and it brings a smile to my face!  This is how our morning began today!


So, Carter had his first day of school on Tuesday and really likes it!  He is going 2 days a week 9-2 and I am really impressed with his teachers!  Ben picked him up from school on Tuesday and Carter said, “Dad, my teachers are the greatest!”   (This is always a good sign)

My sweet little man! 

Back to the title of my post…Caroline and I dropped Carter off at school today.  I had all these grand plans of running errands with only one child in tow…when I felt the need to just stay home and PLAY with my little lady.  We have had such a good time…of course the first thing she wanted to do was READ READ AND READ some more!

We read for an entire hour…every book in the house!

Then we went on a walk..the weather is beautiful…crystal blue sky…cool breeze…WONDERFUL!

Caroline asked to get out the play-doh.  She had a blast not having to share with Carter:)!

Caroline helping me with the laundry!


Caroline will start school next week 1 day a week..the day I work…still not leaving me 1 hour to myself!  I was sulking about this fact…while everyone else’s kids go back to school and mom’s have time without the kiddos.  Until today!  I really felt like God was showing me the blessing of getting to keep this little missy all to myself…only if it is for 5 hours a week.  So I will stop sulking and I will begin to look forward to every Thursday when it is just us girls!

Gotta run….gotta take a nap before she wakes up!

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