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A Little Glimpse

We all have those parenting days when we think…”am I making a difference?”…”am I doing enough?”…”did I interact with them enough”…”am I reading to them enough?”…”am I teaching them about God daily?”…”am I disciplining correctly?”   I could truly go on and on and list 100 more things that circulate in my mind concerning my children!

I have no doubt that our kids feel loved and important.  Ben and I do a great job at that…it’s all of the other little things that we constantly question.  Are we helping them find their independence? Are they hard workers? Are they aware of God in the little things? Are they learning to be a good friend?  Are they respectful? and on and on and on…

Because God is SO GOOD he has allowed me to see their little hearts more clearly lately.  I actually said to Ben the other day, “Maybe we ARE doing something right!”  I wanted to make note of these things so on the rest of the crazy days in this house…I can go back and re-read this and be encouraged:).

Carter lost his 2 front teeth!

Carter received a lot of new toys from my cousin the other day that he has LOVED playing with.  These were all spread out on the floor of the living room and he was carrying them to his bedroom.  He had made several trips through the kitchen, where Ben was cooking, and Ben said, “Carter can I have a hug?”  Carter said, “just a minute dad let me finish this…he took one more step and then stopped and said to Ben, “I guess YOU are more important than all of this stuff dad…dropped his stuff…and gave Ben a big bear hug!”

(Thank you Lord that he KNOWS and NOTICES that people/affection are more important than possessions!)

I was driving Carter to school the other day and it was freezing cold outside.  It was a quiet ride to school, when Carter piped up…”Mom, I am so thankful God gave us this car to ride in to stay warm…a lot of people don’t have cars!”

(Thank  you Lord for giving him a compassionate and grateful heart)

Sweet Caroline


This girl is truly always joyful, happy, and content! Every day is a good day!  She wakes up just happy to be here!  She loves arts/crafts, singing, and her brother and sister!

Today we were eating lunch and she was talking, talking, talking.   She said, “Mom, God gave us a great backyard!  He also gave us a great house!   But, more importantly He picked out the best baby in the world just for us! Just the one I wanted…Leighton!”

(Thank you Lord for her sweet spirit!)

So for ALL the things we do wrong…with God’s help…we MAY be doing something right!

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Where do I start?

Most of you know by now that we had quite a scare last Wednesday morning.  I was helping Caroline with some Valentines and realized that my right hand wouldn’t move…and was paralyzed from the shoulder down.  I ran to get my blood pressure medicine, aspirin, called Ben…and then 911. By the time the paramedics arrived most of the feeling in my arm/hand had returned to normal.  I went to the hospital…stayed overnight…and they ran a TON of tests!!

ZERO damage was found in my brain, Praise the Lord!  All of my arteries, CAT scan, MRI, CT, Ultrasounds on legs, neck, and heart turned out great.  They performed a scan where they put a probe with a camera down my esophagus to look at my heart.  They found that I have a PFO (patent foramen ovale).  This is a tiny hole in your heart that everyone is born with and it is supposed to close up after birth.  20% of people it does not close …and causes no problems and people do not even know they have it.  BUT, you are more likely to have strokes.

Neither the neurologist or the cardiologist could say if this actually caused my stroke.  Basically they told me that it could have been a lot of different factors….birth control pills…your blood coagulates differently after you have a baby for up to 6 months…or a migraine (i’ve never had migraines)

So,  I am to take an aspirin a day, stay off of birth control,  and have a cardiologist consult on having the hole repaired.  The cardiologist told me that if I get 10 opinions on whether or not to have the surgery…or if an aspirin a day is sufficient…that 5 would say have the surgery….and 5 would say an aspirin a day would suffice. 

Even as I write that it makes me want to scream WHAT????  REALLY???  An aspirin or HEART SURGERY….and you can’t  TELL ME FOR SURE what would be better.  My mind does not do well with this ambiquity….these two options are not even in the same boat!!  Someone out there…smarter than me…tell me EXACTLY what to do!  Black and White!! Now!  I am not patient…especially when it comes to something like this that I feel will consume my thoughts until I have a plan of what I am going to do and when.

So obviously you can tell that I need a lot of prayers!!!  Definitely prayers on what to do, etc.  But, more importantly just PEACE OF MIND!!  As soon as I am alone with my thoughts…going to sleep…taking a shower…I start  to think of all the “what ifs”…what could’ve happened…what I would or wouldn’t be able to do with one arm.  I realize that all of this is totally non-productive thinking…and I would LOVE for it to be erased from my memory…but until then I will pray for wisdom to do the right thing.

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A Good Reminder

Today we were having our afternoon snack after pre-school when Caroline began singing the following song that she had learned today…

I am a Great Big Promise

I am a Possibility

and I am trying to hear God’s voice

and I am trying to hear  God’s voice

I am a Possibility!


It was the sweetest little voice, the most precious reminder, and it really did bring tears to my eyes!  Lord, let these words soak deep into her little heart!!



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