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What a wonderful day to go to the zoo!  The weather was 70 degrees when we got there…with a slight breeze!  We have not been to the zoo in over 2 years.  Caroline does not remember EVER going…and this was Leighton’s first time.  Leighton is obsessed with animals right now so I knew she would LOVE it.  The smile on Leighton’s face was PRICELESS…she was truly giddy  and kept asking me if she could hold/pet each animal.




 Leighton’s first time to ride a carousel…so fun!  She kept saying, “Neigh, Neigh”



 First time to ride a train…Leighton cried when we got off and kept saying, “Choo-Choo”


We stayed about 3 hours…Caroline was pooped.  Leighton could have kept on going, but we decided to head home.  They were both asleep before we pulled out of the zoo parking lot!  We can’t wait to go back again!

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Caroline had a GREAT year at Southlake Christian Preschool this year!  She had the BEST teachers…Ms. Shanna and Ms. Kristi.  Every time Caroline walked in the door they both made her feel so special and loved.  She couldn’t WAIT to go on Tue/Thur.  They practiced a lot on handwriting and I was amazed at how much she improved!  They had a lot of fun on the last day, complete with popsicles and sidewalk chalk. 


Caroline and her good friend Elizabeth

All of the little girls in the Duck class!


Caroline and Canon…carpool buddies!  We are going to miss Canon next year when he goes to Kindergarten…sweet cousins!

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Carter’s Field Day

Carter had a great time at Field day last week!  He is in Mrs. Linenberger’s class….their class is called the Linenberger Labs.   They ran relays, played tug-of-war, had 3 legged races, and a whole lot more.  The weather turned out perfect…and everyone had a lot of fun!




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Mother’s Day


We had such a great mother’s day weekend this year!  My mom and grandma came to visit for the weekend.  They got in from Oklahoma on Friday night. On Saturday the 3 of us went to eat lunch and went to the nursery to look for flowers.  We came home, worked in the garden, and then we all took naps.  Saturday evening we went to my sister’s house for dinner…the kids LOVE to play with their cousins!  Bailee and Taylor are both getting so big now, yet they still make Carter and Caroline feel important!  On Mother’s day all 3 of us woke up to Ben having gotten each of us flowers and a card.  He scored major points with the mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law:).  Actually, they both pretty much think Ben can do no wrong…so this just proved them right again:).  We all went to church and went out for lunch afterwards.  All weekend Ben and I were very aware of how special it was to have my mom and MamMa here with us. 

Leighton and her great-grandma, MamMa

 My mom, Nanna, with her grand-babies:)

 MamMa with her great-grandchildren

 Ben and Carter roasting marshmallows at Mandi’s house

 My sister Mandi, my mom, me

 Caroline, Leighton, and Taylor

 Happy Mother’s Day

 I LOVE being the mommy to these 3 little dolls!

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Caroline had been counting down the days until her school program.  She could hardly sleep the night before.  She practiced her little song over and over…and couldn’t wait to get up on that stage!  She walked out on stage waving to us as big as she could:).  We were so proud of her!




After she sang her song, we got to go to her class for refreshments!  She was excited to show Carter the “letter book” she had made!




Caroline’s little fan club!

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Jammies and Heels!

Last weekend I got to spend a fun evening with my little doll Caroline.  Our church put on a mother-daughter event called “Jammies and Heels!”  Caroline’s absolute FAVORITE thing to do is any kind of arts-and-crafts, so when we walked in and she saw 6 different art/craft stations set up she was GIDDY!  She sat right down and started making a bracelet…


We then moved over and made a pillow together…

She stopped long enough to eat some pizza and enjoy her ice cream full of sprinkles.  We then moved to the nail painting station…

 At the end of the night the girls put on their “heels” and had a race…


 What a fun night we had!  Caroline never stopped smiling.  She is the most grateful little girl…she continually told me, “Thanks for bringing me here Mom!”  I love that sweet girl!

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