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Sweet Sisters


It warms my heart to watch these precious little girls play together and their  relationship with each other blossom…it is the highlight of my day!


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R.I.P. Mr Fluff


So today I get a text at work from Ben that says…

          11:33 a.m.  Time of Death for Mr. Fluff

          Location:  His lookout tower in his cage

          Cause:  loneliness or Starvation (his food bowl was empty)

          Poor Mr. Fluff…Poor Carter

Our first pet has passed away.  Initial response was “Oh, No!  We should go get Carter another one…I don’t want him to experience the sadness that goes along with death!” (protective Mommy mode)

My more calm and stable better half explains to me that this is a great lesson in death and dying…that better his first lesson be a hamster instead of a close family member, etc.

So Ben picks Carter up from school and tells him what happened.  Carter had a lot of questions…at first didn’t want to see him…then changed his mind.  He handled it all really well and then asked to call his cousin Kellan.  He asked Kellan to come over and help bury him…so a few minutes later Kellan and Canon came over with a shovel and an ornate box to bury Mr. Fluff in.

As I was putting Caroline to bed tonight she said, “I hope God comes into our backyard tonight to take Mr. Fluff to heaven.  You know  Mom, God loves His people…and made His people…and doesn’t want His people to be sad.  So I am not going to be sad because God is going to take Mr. Fluff to heaven and fix him right up!”

I sit here now…thinking of my first response of sadness and protection for Carter this morning.  It all turned out just fine and they both learned some real life lessons.  I love it that Carter’s initial response was to call sweet Kellan and ask for his help in burying his little pet.  I am so thankful they live 5 minutes away from us!  I love the innocence and faith that Caroline showed.  Oh, to have Faith like a Child!

R.I.P. Mr Fluff

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Carter is playing basketball!


Carter is having a blast playing basketball!  Not quite sure if he is aware of all the rules, but having fun is what counts, Right?  He had his first game this past Saturday~Go Bears!

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Christmas in Review

We had a great time over Christmas break!  We loved hanging out with our families, watching movies, playing with gifts the kids had received, and eating…eating…and eating!  The kids are all at great ages right now!  No melt downs…everyone got along…and Leighton is truly a living doll that just goes with the flow of the Christmas schedule:).  Here is the recap in pictures…



Look what Santa brought the kids…scooters!


Leighton got a puppy dog…

and some pink tennis balls!

Caroline LOVED her pup-on-the-go from Mimi and Grandad!


I know I have mentioned over and over again…but our kids are blessed with the greatest cousins EVER!!

They love playing with Bailee and Taylor. 

 Ben’s sister Emily and her family drove in from California with their 3 girls. 

Olivia and Caroline…

Anna and Caroline…

 Norah and Leighton.

Carter loves getting to play with Kellan and Canon!

Caroline loves Cassie!

Ben’s 87 year old grandmother, Grandaisy, gave all of the kids knitted frog hats…the kids thought they were hilarious!

A great time was had by all…we are abundantly blessed!

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