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Carter’s Birthday Party

Carter invited a few of his friends to celebrate his birthday at Lego Land. It was total chaos…but Carter had fun and I guess that is all that matters:).  (We were scrambling at the last minute trying to find somewhere to celebrate with a broken arm). 

There were a couple of rides, a huge play scape, and a lot of lego building.  The boys had a blast!

This was one of their favorite things.  You build the tallest lego tower that you can…and then you push a button that shakes the table to see if it falls down or not.

Both sides of grandparents got to celebrate with Carter…

Our sweet boy!  We love you Carter!


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We loved celebrating our sweet boy all week!  8 years ago this little man made me a mommy for the first time.  I still remember rocking him in the middle of the night and thinking…I cannot believe that God loves me so much that he would give me this precious baby! It’s been a great 8 years…Carter is so much fun and full of personality.  We are constantly laughing at his wit and sense of humor.  He loves school…loves playing with his friends…loves to play outside…and Ben is still his favorite person to hang out with!

On his birthday he chose to go to dinner at the Hibachi’ restaurant.  This is one of our family’s favorite places to go.


As we were heading home from dinner we got a text from Uncle Philip…

Just got a call from headquarters.  Someone just broke into your house!

Leaving weapons and the Rules of War for you on the back porch.  HURRY!!!!

Well to say that Carter was excited is an understatement!  Carter responded back…

FBI hot on your trail.  No mercy!!

We got home and Carter and Ben ran inside for a nerf gun war with Philip, Cassie, Kellan, and Canon.  They made his birthday an unforgettable one for sure!

Time for cake and presents…


The gift on the top of Carter’s birthday list…

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Mile Markers

A lot has been happening around here the last few weeks!  The first of which is sweet Caroline losing her FIRST tooth!  It wasn’t loose AT ALL, but she was determined to wiggle a tooth out of her mouth.  She wiggled it for about 3 weeks…and then pulled it out over at MiMi’s house.

Two days later she was eating ice cream and the front bottom one right next to it fell out!!

The next big event happening in our family is that Carter broke his left arm!  He was outside climbing in his tree fort and fell out.  He lives up in this tree and we knew it would happen sooner or later!  In his words this is how it all went down:

“I took a new board up into my tree fort.  When I put my foot on top of it to test it my foot fell through the branches.  I was slothing it for awhile, but my hands hurt too badly to hold on.  I dropped and fell on my left side…hitting my head and landing on my arm.”   (only Carter would use the word “slothing”…hanging like a sloth)

So two weeks with a full cast above the elbow…and then four weeks with a short water-proof cast!  He hasn’t complained at all!  Baseball on the other hand will have to wait until next year!

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Vipers Season Finale

Carter finished his basketball season with a pizza party and one last game.  He loved playing basketball this year…he loved having dad be the coach!  He really improved, was aggressive, and had a whole lot of fun!

 This was the team after they received their trophies.

They made this poster for Coach Ben…

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A Day at the Park

The past few weeks, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL!  We have enjoyed many afternoons at the park.  These precious little girls LOVE playing together.  I can’t help but think that in 6 short months Caroline will be going to Kindergarten:(.  I don’t know what Leighton is going to do without her ALL DAY LONG!

My little thrill-seeker…

This is what she ALWAYS looks like…mouth opened wide in the biggest smile…drool running down her chin…and hair in her face…ALWAYS!!


Caroline learned to ride her bike without training wheels…5 1/2 yrs old.

This last picture makes my heart smile… PURE JOY!!!

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Butterfly Kisses is a father-daughter dance that our church puts on.  This was Caroline’s first time to get to attend…she was so excited.  I took her the week before and let her pick out her dress all on her own (this was a first).  It had to be PINK of course:).  Before the dance she took a long bubble bath…I painted her nails…and we dried and curled her hair.  She felt pretty pampered:).  The entire time she was getting ready she DID NOT want her daddy to see her…she wanted to surprise him! She came out from her bedroom to meet him and he was waiting for her with a corsage.  She was embarrassed when he put it on her:)…so sweet!

They both had a great time!  They ate dinner and dessert, took a carriage ride pulled by horses, made arts and crafts, and danced the night away!  Sweet memories…

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Carter entered his school’s Science Fair this year.  His experiment was to see if glow sticks glow longer in HOT water or COLD water.  He placed glow sticks in 5 different glasses of water that were at different temperatures.  He timed them to see how long it would take to stop glowing.  The entire process took around 4 hours.  In case you were wondering…the glow sticks glow longer in COLD water.  Ben came up with the catchy title “How Low Can You Glow?”  Carter had fun doing the experiment….but the actual board took MOM a LONG TIME!!:) 


We got a good laugh out of Leighton.  All on her own she went and got a cup, filled it with water, put some glow sticks in it, and sat on the table for a LONG time watching the experiment.


Although this ended up being ALOT of work, it was definitely worth the experience that forced Carter to explain his experiment in detail to numerous kids, parents, and teachers.  I was so proud of him.  He wasn’t nervous at all!  He knew all the answers everyone was asking…and he was VERY proud!


After Carter was done presenting his project, we got to look at some of the fun “science” things the school had put on.  There was a star lab, a weatherman presenting on tornadoes, a dentist showing how to fill teeth, and Carter’s favorite…THE CRITTER MAN.

We had a lot of fun…and learned alot!



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