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What a great role model!

Although I have known this before, as Carter is getting older I am realizing more and more how thankful I am that he has an incredible father figure.  Ben is truly amazing!  I can only pray that Carter will grow up to be just like his dad. 

This morning Carter was lying on the couch watching TV and I was in Caroline’s room getting her dressed.  I put her in a jean mini-skirt, tights, and a pink shirt.  I came back into the kitchen to finish the breakfast dishes and I hear Carter say, “Mom, she looks beautiful!”  (I have never heard him comment on how Caroline looks before.)  While he was staring at her in awe he said, ” Mom, I am just so surprised by how beautiful she is!”  Of course my heart swelled with pride and I thanked God for giving Carter such a tender and sweet spirit….just like his daddy’s. 

This is a comment that would easily come out of Ben’s mouth and I am so thankful that Carter has Ben as a role model!  Some little girl is going to be so lucky someday!  Don’t even kid yourself…I will be the one to pick her out:) 

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The Holiday Season

Is there any better time of the year? No, really? I have always loved the holidays, but with kids it is just that much better!  Last night we started putting up the Christmas decorations and Carter was soooo excited!  He reminded me of myself:).  We have a nutcracker collection that we sit on our mantle…every time I would unwrap one he would comment, “I can’t believe my eyes!”, “Mom, this is beautiful!”, “Mom, I love you so much”, “Mom, I need a hug!”  It was DARLING! 


He was running around hanging up ornaments, having the time of his life, commenting on the beauty of each one.  These are the same ones we have had for years that I routinely get out and hang without much thought, but this year I got to look at each one with fascination as if seeing it for the first time! The pure joy in his face truly has made my week!  Carter is such a blessing in our lives…His LOVE for friends, family, and fun is very contagious! 


I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season as much as we are.  Amidst all the hustle and bustle take some time to thank God for all of the blessings in your life!


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Hello world!

0013.jpg0013.jpgSo I have finally decided to enter the “blog” world!  I have been reading other’s blogs for quite some time now and have decided to try it out for myself!  Do not expect spectacular things…just a diary of the day to day activities with a one and three year old! All of you mommies out there know how funny they are at this age so I hope you get some “laughs” out of what comes out of Carter’s mouth!!


By the way,  Carter is my three year old and sweet Caroline is my one year old.  I have all of these expectations about how often I will get to update this thing…but we will see how much time I REALLY have!  Until next time…..

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