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I lost an organ!

Yes, it is true!  I had my gall bladder removed on Tuesday.  As you can imagine I am extremely sore!  I had a cold before I went in for the surgery so it is extremely hard to cough…because it hurts!  Ben has been a great “nurse” and Carter has been just as sweet as well!  Caroline, on the other hand, can NOT comprehend why I can’t carry her around and why she can’t throw herself on my stomach for me to read her a book.  She stands in front of me with her hands up screaming, “UP!”…it is really sad!  She wants to snuggle, which is extremely painful for me, so most of the time I  hide out in my bedroom so she doesn’t know I am home:)!    Just giving you a little update from the home front!  Hope you are all having a better week then I am:)!


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As I was lying down to take a nap this afternoon I was pondering why my house is ALWAYS a mess?!?  Seriously,  if the kids are awake it looks like a tornado has swept through my house.  I have come up with the most likely cause…CARTER!  He has never really liked playing with toys…he would much rather pretend he is on an adventure of some kind.  His imagination is UNBELIEVABLE!!!  We always have some sort of fort, pirate ship,  or cave built out of an enormous amount of pillows and blankets.  For example, as I was trying to take a nap I was staring at my 2 bar stools turned over on their sides…it was the “polar express” of course. 

This is how this adventure went…

  “Mom, come get on the polar express!”  …I get on…”Mom, hold on tight here we go….duck mom we are going through a cave…oh man, we got a flat tire.!”..he gets out with his tools and fixes the flat tire.

“Mom, we are headed to the north pole!  This is where you can catch snow flakes on your tongue, make snow men, and of course all of the presents are kept there.  Now do you need a snack?”…he pulls out some fruit snacksThis conversation goes on and on and on and on!!

He absolutely did not get his imagination from me!  It is this sort of thing that goes on constantly at our house.  Therefore, I always have a messy house.  I can’t bring myself to clean it up until he falls asleep, because he is VERY PROUD of these forts, pirate ships, trains, etc.

So does this all sound like a pretty good reason to have a messy house?   If not, don’t tell me otherwise.  It is the way I keep my sanity as I lie down to take a nap with my house in shambles.  Oh naps…my best friends.  You want to know a secret?  I take a nap EVERY DAY!  Yes,  I admit it!  I am not that supermom hero that actually cleans and does laundry while the kids are asleep.  Nope, I actually unplug the phones and get under a blanket and drift off to dreamland.  I am definitely a better wife and mother with a nap!  You know why?  God seems to increase my patience while I am asleep and we all wake up and the world is a better place:)!

Thank you God for children who LOVE to sleep as much as their mommy!

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Comments from Carter…

  • Carter came to wake us up this morning and jumped up in bed with us like he always does.  He was being really quiet so I looked up at him and he was gagging, kind of looking like he was going to throw up.  I asked him what was wrong to which he replied, “I jumped in bed and smelled dad’s pits and it made me want to throw up!”….priceless!
  • This past weekend Carter went to stay with my mom (Nanna) and she told me this story.  Carter  and Caroline were outside playing and she saw Carter walk up and push Caroline down.  My mom walked over to him and swatted him on the leg.  He looked up at her and said, “Did you ACTUALLY just give me a spanking?”…  This was the first time my mom had ever done this, so I am sure he was caught totally off guard.  What a little turkey!
  • Carter came to wake us up this morning and I was saying that I was still tired and Carter said, “Mom, you are whining!  If you keep whining then I will take away your new cell phone!”  this sounds awfully familiar
  • We drove through McDonalds to get Carter an ice cream cone.  I handed it back to him and he said, “Wow!  This is Gorgeous!”  to which I replied, “It’s Gorgeous?”…..yeah Mom, it is really really gorgeous!  The boy loves him some ice cream:)
  • We were eating lunch yesterday and Carter was not wanting what I had put in front of him.  I gave him the “kids starving in other countries” speech…to which he replied, “Mom, we need to pray for them right now!”….so he did…and then he said, “OK, well God took care of that one.”  Don’t you wish it really was that easy!
  • Today we were getting ready for church and Carter ran to get his money for the offering plate (he had never done this before).  We were in the car and he said, “I am sure glad I brought this money because now I get to eat the cracker and juice”….all this time he thought we were paying for the communion:)

Hope this brightens your day….stay tuned for more  Comments from Carter

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Eventful Friday

You know the days when you wake up and you have the day planned with nothing eventful happening?  It is just going to be a normal  and relaxing day.  This is how MOST of my days go….like I plan:).  Yesterday on the other hand was anything other than normal.

It began when I met my sister-in-law up at her church to play on the big play gym.  We had been there about 30 minutes when the fire alarm went off.  All of the moms are slowly gathering children, putting on shoes, etc.  Then a man yells, “Everyone get your kids out of the building!”  So then we go into a slight panic mode…quickly getting on shoes…grabbing bags…answering Carter’s million questions and exiting quickly out of the building.  Two fire trucks arrive and Carter LOVED watching them get dressed and get all of their equipment ready.  We didn’t stay around to see what ended up happening…but it was exciting none-the-less.

We went to eat lunch and came home for naps.

For dinner we met my friend Brooke and her three kids at a pizza place.  They have a small arcade in the corner that the kids were all playing in.  We had been there about 30 minutes when Carter comes running up to me to tell me that Caroline had fallen.  I walk calmly over there and see Caroline head first in between the video game and the wall.  I yanked her up and the sight I saw I still cannot seem to erase from my mind.  I truly have NEVER seen so much blood.  I couldn’t even tell where on her head it was coming from…eyes, ears, nose?  I panicked (Brooke said I did pretty well), but inside I was about to die.  We grabbed paper towels to put pressure on the cut above her left temple…but every time I took the paper towels away it would NOT stop bleeding.  We grabbed all 5 kids, threw them in the car, as I held Caroline in the front seat…with no seat belt.  Safe I know!

We borrowed Julia’s pacifier (without her knowing:)) and Caroline played with my hair as she rode silently to Dr. Philip’s house!  I kept looking down at her big brown eyes underneath the paper towels and she was so calm!  It was if she were saying, “Mom, I am going to be just fine.”  Of course I was going through all of the “mother’s guilt” with my friend.  She kept assuring me that it could have happened anywhere, etc.

So sweet Philip swaddled Caroline up in some towels to keep her arms down…and fixed her up with some liquid glue.  Caroline laid there and cried, but did not even try to wiggle.  She was so trusting.   I cannot even begin to tell you what a blessing Philip is in our lives.  I won’t even start:)!

Caroline is fine…she is going to have a scar…it could have been a lot worse…and she has not touched her bandage ONE TIME!

As I laid in bed last night, not being able to sleep, I was thinking about how much control I THINK I have over my days.   I know I am not in control and was just reminded last night of how fleeting these days and times are.  I also TOTALLY realize that there are many moms not sleeping out there due to their children having life-threatening illnesses…so please don’t think I am the Woe Is Me Mom….just shaken up a little bit.

Guess what?  The next morning the sun always rises, God is always in control, and you ALWAYS get a “do-over”.

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What a great weekend!

What constitutes a great weekend?

*Kids staying  at the grandparents house…check

*Spending the weekend with my dear friend Audra…check

*Wearing clothes that have not had spit-up, greasy hands, or snot rubbed on them…check

*Eating out 4 times in less than 48 hours with no time constraint due to children that cannot sit still…check

*Going to see a GREAT movie…”P.S. I love You”…(more on that later) check

*Going Dancing until 1 am…check

*Non-stop conversation about life, goals, dreams, problems, etc. with someone who I can say ANYTHING to…check

*Waking up this morning, ready to come home, to the love of my life and 2 of the most precious children ever……….CHECK!!

It is so nice having a break from the same old routine to realize how much you LOVE the same old routine with the same people day in and day out:)!

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Silly Caroline

Caroline is hilarious!  The past few weeks she has been cracking us up!  Maybe it is because she is a teeny little thing that tries to act 3 years old!  First of all “YUCKY” is her new favorite word.  She uses it in perfect context!  If she is poopy she says, “YUCKY”, goes and gets a diaper and brings it to me without being told/prompted.  After I am finished changing her she picks up the folded diaper and walks it all the way to the trash can and throws it away!!  This is serious business to her,  meanwhile I am laughing the entire time.

Yesterday she looks at a freckle on my arm and says, “YUCKY”…I told her it isn’t yucky to which she adamantly replied, “YUCKY, YUCKY”!  A hair in the bathtub, old food she finds in her highchair, dirt on her shoe…how does this little lady already know what is yucky without being told????

 Another funny thing she likes to do is put a blanket over her head and walk around.  Of course she bangs into all of the walls and furniture and doesn’t seem to mind.

I have saved the best for last………………………………………..

I turned on the computer and there was a picture of HILLARY CLINTON and Caroline yells, “NANA”….(which is what she calls my mother).  I then turn on the TV and HILLARY CLINTON was on again and Caroline is yelling at the TV…Nana, Nana, Nana!  It must be the cut/color of the hair.  I am sure my mom will love hearing this:).

 I am convinced God gives us children so we can laugh more often.  Think through your day, at all of the times you have laughed, and how many of them were with or about your children?  What little blessings!

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Comments from Carter

The things that come out of Carter’s mouth continually make me laugh!  I don’t want to forget these cute little comments, so I will publish “comments from Carter”  occasionally. 

  • After riding in the car yesterday in silence for about 20 minutes Carter pipes up with, “Mom, why did God make noses run?  What do we need all of this snot for anyway?”Hmmm….how do I answer that?
  • Carter was supposed to be taking a nap while I was working on the computer.  After about 30 minutes, of which I thought he was asleep, he got out of bed and came to get me.  I gave him “the LOOK”, to which he replied, “Mom, I am so disappointed in myself….I just can’t seem to stay in bed!”  So I gave in and let him watch a movie instead!
  • Today we were driving past Carter’s Pre-School when he started with:

                          Carter:  “Mom, there goes my high-school”

                           Me:  “Yeah, there goes your school”

                           Carter:  “Mom, what is a high-school?”

                           Me:  “It is where you go to school when you are able to drive”

                           Carter:  “Well mom (laughing)  then I don’t go to high-school!”

                          (silence/mind reeling)

                           Carter:  “So I guess at HI-SCHOOL you walk around all day saying 

                            “HI”,  “HI, HOW ARE YOU”, “HI I AM CARTER”, “HI EVERYTHING”

                             I think I am ready for that mom!  (If only high-school were that easy!)

  • “Mom, I am so glad God decided to dump me in this family”
  • I came out of my room the other day and I was wearing a sweat shirt and jeans.  Carter looks at me and says, “Mom, you look cool! You look just like an X-Girl” (Do I even want to know what an x-girl is?”)

That’s all for now…stay tuned for more comments from Carter!

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