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Comments from Carter

  • We were all playing dress up last night…Ben and Carter were the good guys who were arresting the monsters.  I was the monster.  Carter got a rope and tied my hands together…started walking off…so Ben asked where he was taking me….he told Ben, “I am taking her to ALCATRAZ!”  what, where, when, how in the world does he know what this place is? 
  • Ben takes both children up to Denton to stay with my sister every Tuesday.  There is a cemetery right by our house that they always pass by.  Ben said yesterday that Carter asked…

          CARTER:  “Dad, would you please take me there and help me lift that      

                                 heavy stone so I can see the people underneath?”

          BEN:  “No Carter, they are all decayed…bones…their spirit has gone up to


          CARTER:  “But dad, I really like bones!”

          BEN:   “When you are older we can go dig for dinosaur bones!”

         CARTER:  “OK, Dinosaurs live in the desert…I guess that is a better idea!”

          (For some strange reason Carter has an infatuation with BONES!)

  •  Caroline went in to wake Carter up the other morning and Carter was telling me later on at breakfast that “Caroline really freaked me out!”….I said, “She what?”…..( I could tell he was trying out a new word for the first time)…” Mom, she really scared me out!”……”Hmm, OK?!?”
  • Carter is completely attached to Ben’s hip.  He wants to be exactly like his dad…not such a bad thing.  As Ben was walking to the park with Carter the other day Carter starts with…

         CARTER:  “Dad, I found a hair under my pit!”

     BEN:  “Really?  That’s cool Carter!  Maybe we should tell mom about it when we get home”

   CARTER:  “No, we don’t need to tell mom!”               (They arrive home…………..)

         BEN: “Carter, tell mom what you found!”        

        CARTER:  “Mom, I found a hair under my pit…but it was so small it was invisible!”

       (Carter thinks having hair anywhere on his body makes him a BIG boy:) )………he is so darn cute!!!

  • We were at the park yesterday flying a kite.  Carter says to me…”Mom, did you know that your kite can take you anywhere you want to go?”….I said, “Yeah, like Japan or Italy or the mountains (You learn to just go with this kid’s imagination:) )…To which Carter replies… “Yeah Mom, but I want my kite to take me to heaven!  Just for a little bit so I can see what it looks like!”…………….(sweet little bitty man)

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


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While I was at work yesterday I get a call from Ben.  Carter gets on the phone and tells me that he has a HUGE surprise for me when I get home!  I am thinking probably flowers…possibly a clean house…or that he has decided he likes his sister(j/k)!!  No my friends, this is what I find when I get home………………………………………………….


Ben, Carter, and Caroline were walking around some undeveloped land…when Carter found his treasure!  Needless to say he was ecstatic!!!  Ben thinks it may possibly be a coyote?!? Who knows!!!???  Ben assured me they were all scrubbed down…but I am still NOT going to touch them!  All morning Carter was saying, “Mom, can you believe it???” “Can you believe I have REAL bones!”

Before I took him to school today he asked me to take his picture with the bones to show Kellan, Brooks, Poppi, and James!  Then he told me to take a picture of him “holding the animal’s hand!”  So this is for Carter…..

Carter is definitely ALL BOY!!!


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Saturday evening I took Carter to his first carnival at a local church.  We had a BLAST!! The first thing we rode was the ferris-wheel.  It was really high and I worried that once we got to the top that Carter may freak out….little did I know that he would be leaning over the side…FEARLESS!!  Just like his mom.  He is going to be my little buddy that I take sky diving with me on his 18th bday:). 

Next up was this crazy fast spider ride…where it slings you in and out ridiculously fast.  I literally could not move my mouth to ask Carter if he was OK, because my mouth was paralyzed by the G-Forces!!  (My neck is still hurting).  We get off the ride and I was saying things like, “Carter, that was CRAZY…I will NEVER ride that thing again…etc. etc.”  He is trying to act cool and in control…but then he walks up to the people getting ready to get on and tells them, “Be careful…you are going to get sea sick:)!!”

Next up is the crazy mirror house.  You know where it is a maze and you keep running into mirrors?!  This was Carter’s favorite thing by far.  We paid to do this silly thing 3 times.  By the end he had the maze memorized and could run through without hitting any mirrors. 

After riding all of the rides, Carter wanted to start playing the carnival games.  The DREADED games that are totally rigged so that you NEVER win and if  by some small chance you do you get a RIDICULOUS hard as a rock stuffed animal!!!  I kept trying to avert his attention…to no avail!!!

So….we start with throwing the darts at the balloons.  He ACTUALLY popped a balloon and won a prize!  So now in his little mind you ALWAYS win at these games…and he actually made it look pretty easy.  We were headed back to the car to leave when he spotted the goldfish game.  This game had about 100 tiny fish bowls that you try to throw ping-pong balls into.  IMPOSSIBLE!!!  I don’t even think the balls fit into the mouth of the bowls.  If by some small chance you win you get to take home a gold fish.  Soooo…I pay $1 for 3 balls and Carter tries to throw them in…they bounce everywhere…and NO LUCK!!  We start to walk away and Carter is really sad!  Not temper-tantrum…not bratty crying…truly heart-broken.  Soooo…I give him one more dollar.  He gets up on his knees and throws the first two…no luck.  He has one ball left…he is super nervous…it was really strange.  He would hand me the ball and say, “Mom, you do it I know you can!”….”No way Carter, mommy is really bad at this game!!”….he would take the ball back and get ready to throw it…and then would turn back to me….”Mom, please I know God will help you get this in”….”Carter, mommy has NEVER played this game….I think you will do better”    (there was no way in heck I was going to lose his last prized ball=no fish!!)…………….He threw the ball and we walked away with NO FISH!!!

All the way home he was heart-broken….he cried all the way home.  This is my little boy that NEVER cries unless something is really wrong.  As a mother, while we were in the moment,  my heart just wanted to tell the guy working there that I would pay for the darn fish…whatever it took…!! On the way home my brain came back around to reminding me that this was a good life-lesson..yada..yada..yada!

So my little boy just learned for the first time EVER what it is like to REALLY REALLY want something and there is ABSOLUTELY no way that mommy can help or fix the situation.  Mommy is not always your super-hero!!!  Of course we talked about it all night and used this as a teaching situation…but I have laughed to myself all weekend about how my natural instinct was to drive to the pet store and pay $5 for a fish!!!   Oh, how we love our kids!!

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A Day at the Bounce House!

I had the entire day home with the little ones today!  When I am trying to plan something fun for the day I feel like I am always in a dilema about what would be fun for Carter, yet not too difficult for Caroline.  So today I decided to BRAVE the bounce house by myself with the two of them!  We had an absolute BLAST!!!  We laughed and giggled a TON!! Carter and Caroline played TOGETHER!  I was also reminded once again that I am now in my 30’s and my body does not do the things as easily as it once did!

For example, my dare-devil daughter (hmm, wonder where she gets this?) was climbing to the top of every 20 foot slide which meant I was too!  We had done this numerous times and we were both getting very tired.  As we were trying to climb up a 15 foot rock wall, my arms could no longer hold myself and my 22 pound little girl.  She is in front of me and we were almost to the top.  I was using one hand on the rope (to pull myself up) and one hand under her bottom.  The next thing I know my feet slip out from under me…I am falling sideways with both of my arms reached out to see this hot pink blob turning summersaults down on top of me.  I know this lasted all of 2 seconds, but it was so surreal…in slow motion…as I was thinking “I know she is going to break a bone and my job is to minimize how many she breaks!”  I yelled…she began crying…and I landed on my side literally holding her up in the air with both hands.  Super-Mom strength is seriously the only way this was possible.  The strangest thing about it all was that neither one of us just slid down and landed on our feet, we both literally tumbled.  As I landed I started dying laughing!  Seriously, I am not 20 something anymore!  I have had 2 children and quite frankly am not in the shape I once was!

REALITY CHECK!!  (hee hee)

This was the dreaded wall!

We were all tired and hot so we headed over to Target to get us some icee’s!  Here is to a great day with some really fun kiddos who both ended up with all limbs in tact!!


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Sweet Caroline!

I took Caroline to get her 18 month pictures taken.  This is ALWAYS an ordeal with my kids.  Caroline was certain that the photographer was some sort of babysitter going to take her away!  So after 50 pictures…crying…playing every game…singing every song I could think of; we ended up with a couple of good ones!  Oh well, you take what you can at this age:)!!





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