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Happy 6th Birthday Carter!


We had a wonderful day celebrating Carter!  Here he is waiting to open his presents…

He got a Nintendo DS and was super excited!!  He didn’t put the thing down for the first 2 hours!

He got to choose where he wanted to have dinner…he chose a Hibachi restaurant…and we all had a great time!


We woke up this morning and each told Carter what we loved about him.  I love that he loves to learn…and that he has a great sense of humor!  Ben loves that Carter is a good friend to others and that he always wants to be around Ben.  Caroline repeated Ben and then said that she loves that Carter is a nice brother.

Carter, we love you dearly and thank God for you daily!  Happy Birthday sweet boy!


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The latest health update…

I thought I would update everyone on my “heart” issue.  A few weeks ago I went to see a cardiologist in Dallas who repairs PFO’s with catheterization through an artery in your leg.  He said that there is no hurry in having this repaired…but that he does recommend fixing it.  I have a 10% chance of having another stroke…drops to 5% with an aspirin a day…drops to 1% if I have the hole repaired.  Because it is minimally invasive…and fairly safe…we have decided to have the procedure on April 15th!

We felt really comfortable with the doctor and the procedure.  God definitely answered our prayers of wanting to walk out of the appointment with a definitive answer on what we were going to do.  We both 100% feel like we should go through with fixing the hole and are not at all worried about it.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m sure we will be nervous the day of the procedure…and could use your prayers:).

Reading back to my blog post about what happened on the day of the stroke…I was reminded how crazy my mind was reeling…to be here 4 weeks later…totally at peace with everything makes me kind of laugh.  Laugh that I forgot during that time that God was totally in control…He had this decision taken care of for me…and He was probably wanting to scream at me I am in control…Lean on Me…I will give you Peace! 

Why does it always take looking back to see God’s hand in situations…I truly want to be the type of person that notices God’s hand in my life daily!  It would save me a lot of mental anguish:)!

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Sweet itty bitty when did you get so big?  Have you really been in our lives for only 5 months?  To be honest I can’t remember what it was like just to have 2 children…a lot has happened in the last 5 months.  Moving into our new house right around when you were born…getting settled…brother starting Kindergarten…sister starting gymnastics…health scares with mommy…and you fitting in just perfectly!

I’ll be honest, the first few weeks of parenting 3 kiddos was an adjustment…but Mommy and Daddy are PROS now…we’ve got this baby thing down pat!  You know what you did?  You brought a lot of  joy, smiles, and laughter into our family!  You smile more than your brother or sister ever did.  If anyone talks to you or even looks at you…you bust out with the biggest smile ever…PRECIOUS!!

You learned a new trick last week…

look who’s on their tummy…

you rolled over and you are so proud!

You only roll over to your tummy…get stuck…and can’t roll back over to your back.  This brings back a lot of memories of brother and sister doing this!


This is your favorite place to be..in your jumper..in the kitchen with all the action.  Daddy says you are a “social butterfly” and like to see what is going on at all times!  By the way, you have a crush on your daddy…it is so cute!  You will stare a hole through him until he looks at you and then you flirt by giving him your biggest and best smile!  I can be holding you…daddy will be on the computer and you will stare him down until you get his attention.  If he calls on the phone you love to listen to his voice!

You are a cuddle bug!  You love to snuggle…give kisses full open mouth…get kissed on and rubbed on.  When I kiss you on your neck you get tickled.  I truly cannot love on you enough!  One of these days you will start pushing me away…so I have to take full advantage!

You love taking a bath!

Mommy loves giving you baths.  I love the smell of your baby soap…then I lather you down with baby magic lotion…then dress you up with a bow to top it off!

Mommy and Daddy are smitten with you.  Daddy left for work today…you were laying on the bed…and he says, “She really is just the perfect little baby!”  We love you dearly…and thank God for you!

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