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Carter started 2nd grade today.  Carter has been saying for the last 3 weeks that he was ready to go back to school.  This kid LOVES school.  We don’t need to leave the house until 7:30am to get to school.  I was opening his door around 6:45am expecting to wake him up.  He was completely dressed…backpack on…ready to walk out the door.  We have been so lucky that we have NEVER had a problem with our kids waking up for school.

Sweet Caroline started Kindergarten today.  She too has been counting down the days.  She made a count down chart in her room that she has been marking off the days until school starts!  She took a bath at 5:00pm last night…got her pajamas on…painted her nails and toe nails…laid out her outfit…and wanted to go to sleep at 6:30 so that Kindergarten would “get here quickly”.

We woke her up this morning at 7:00am to the breakfast of her choice…pancakes!  Ben read the bible to the kids as I made breakfast.  (We are going to try really hard to make this happen every morning…to start the day off right for all of us).   She got dressed…we took pictures…and we were off.

Leighton was a little confused why Caroline was now going to Carter’s school.  It made me sad that Leighton would not have her little playmates at the house during the day anymore.

We walked Carter to his class first.  He walked right in and found his desk.

Then we walked Caroline to her class and she ran right in.  She found the maze on her desk and started right to work.  She hardly even waved good-bye!

After school they each jumped in the car and could hardly contain their smiles and excitement about how much fun they had today.  Carter’s favorite part was getting to find all of his friends from last year on the playground.  He also said his teacher is really nice.

Caroline, being a girl, gave WAY more detail…which I love.  Caroline LOVES her teacher.  During story time they read the Gingerbread man…and then got to go on a scavenger hunt around the school to find all of the gingerbread men that had run away.  This was a way to show them around the school…she thought it was sooo much fun!  She loved the cafeteria…she ate everything on her plate…which is a big deal for her!  Caroline said, ” My teacher is really nice, but the best thing about her is that she really TEACHES you.  She gives you little tricks to do your work better.”

After they had talked all about their day, Caroline opens up her back pack and was frantically looking through it. ” Where is my homework?  I wanted homework!  You said when I start Kindergarten I get to do homework!”  She was very disappointed!  (wonder how many years that will last?)

They both fell asleep exhausted tonight at 7:30.  Carter said the sweetest prayer before he went to sleep, “Thank you so much that I got to go to school.  Thank you so much that I get to go again tomorrow.  Thank you so much that I have a school where I get to go and learn.  Just thank you so much God!  Amen

Makes this mom and dads’ heart happy!

Thank you Lord for sweet kids that love going to school…what a blessing!


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While we were in California, Leighton stayed in Oklahoma with Nanna and Poppi.  I wasn’t too sure how she would do without Caroline by her side…but she didn’t skip a beat!  She had a blast…and wasn’t even ready to come home after 8 days!  We always kiddingly say, “What happens at Nanna’s house STAYS at Nanna’s house!”  For example,  at our house Leighton goes to sleep around 8-8:30…there is NOT a bed time at Nanna’s house…11-Midnight?!?!  I don’t mind at all…she can do whatever she wants when someone else is taking care of her!  We are just glad she has someone to love on her while we are away!  Nanna sent us pictures of her daily adventures…so I thought I would post about her vacation:).

The first night she arrived in Edmond I told my mom that she was really tired and that she would probably need to go to bed around 8.  This is the picture I was sent at 10:30pm…clearly having a great time!

One of Leighton’s favorite things to do was to swim with her cousins Reece and Harrison.  She would beg for them to come over…and not want them to leave when it was time.  They swam in the pool and rode around in the golf cart.  One evening they were able to see a family of deer.

The following pictures crack me up.  Leighton asked my mom to take these pictures of her doing her back walk over, “Please send these pictures to my mommy, she will be so proud of me!”

Taking a nap from 4-6pm…:)

Nanna loves to go shopping.  She bought Leighton this new swim suit…they went night swimming every night around 10pm!

Nanna ALWAYS takes the kids to get a haircut!  It has become a standing joke.  So I wasn’t too surprised when she sent me the following pictures…BEFORE…


They went to McDonalds for lunch one afternoon…

Leighton loves to ride with Poppi on his lawn mower…

My MamMa watched Leighton during the day for 2 days while Nanna worked.  She did NOT want her to go home…it was the only time Leighton cried all week.

Playing on the playground…your favorite thing to do is to swing.

You had a GREAT time in Oklahoma.  You were so excited to see all of us when you came home…but the very next day you asked to go back to Nanna’s house:).

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On Wednesday we headed to San Diego.  We spent the afternoon touring the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier.  We all LOVED it!  We each got to wear a head-set that would explain what we were seeing on the tour.  The kids were really interested in everything.  I would highly recommend going if you are ever in the area.

This is where the sailors would sleep.  I truly cannot imagine sleeping in these tiny beds…for months at a time.  The entire ship had VERY tight quarters.

The jail for sailors that got in trouble…

Testing out the cockpit…

A four acre flight deck floating in the water…HUGE!  Carter loved being able to touch the missiles!

That evening we went to our cousins the Spivey’s house.  We had a great time visiting…playing…and just hanging out.  We went to the beach all day Thursday.



Is this the cutest little red head EVER?

Olivia and Caroline having some cousin chat time!

Our last day in San Diego we decided to take the kids to Leggo land.  It was a great park for their ages.  Leggos are Carter’s favorite thing to play with, so to see all of these life-size creations was really cool!

Carter with Harry Potter and Hagrid made out of leggos…

This car made out of leggos was very cool!

What a perfect way to end our vacation…fun times with our cousins!  We love you Spiveys!

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We just got back from a GREAT trip to Southern California.  Leighton stayed with Nanna and Poppi…and the rest of us flew out on Sunday afternoon.  We arrived in Santa Monica where we stayed with our good friend, Tyson, who lives within walking distance from the beach and the Santa Monica Pier.  The kids were dying to hit the beach first thing…so we headed out as soon as we dropped our suitcases off.

Monday morning we woke up and decided to go parasailing.  The thrill-seeker in me was super excited.  I’ve done it several times, but couldn’t wait to experience it with Carter and Caroline.  We got on the boat and a few other people went up ahead of us.  Carter was trying to back out…but I was not going to let him:).

Me trying to convince Carter he is not going to die…

As we took off the kids were silent…you could hear a pin drop.  As we got higher and higher (700 ft)  I looked over to make sure everyone was OK.  They both started smiling.  We all let go of our hands…Caroline kicked her feet out in front of her and put her hands behind her neck…relaxing!  It was SO much fun!

We spent the afternoon at the Santa Monica beach.

The water was a little bit chilly for Caroline…

Late in the afternoon we headed up to Malibu to visit Pepperdine.  Carter said he can’t wait to go to college there…and Caroline said she is going to college in Texas near her mommy:).

Ever since we arrived in Santa Monica the kids had been wanting to go to the Santa Monica Pier…with all of the carnival games and rides.  We had fun playing all evening and ate dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant.

From the top of the ferris wheel…

Whose balloon is going to pop first to win the prize??

Happy kids with all of their winnings…

Tuesday morning we woke up and drove down to the Laguna Beach area…it was much warmer…and GORGEOUS!!  We spent all day at the beach and exploring the little town.  We had a great little hotel in the middle of everything.

Walking to find the perfect place to sit for the day…

On the beach there were some great boulders that the kids could walk and explore on.  As the tide receded,  they found a ton of HUGE shells…crabs…sea anemones…etc. You cannot be near the ocean and not marvel at God’s creation…simply amazing!

Walking into town for breakfast the following morning.  I LOVE it that Carter still reaches out to hold our hand…so precious!  We are soaking up these moments with him…he is growing up way too fast!

That was the first part of our vacation!  Second part…San Diego!

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