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Caroline had her FIRST gymnastics meet!  It was a meet just for her gym…to let the parent’s see their progress…and if they score a 9.0 on each event they get to move up to the next level.  Ben and I were SUPER excited to watch her.  Caroline had no idea what to expect and so wasn’t really thinking that much about it.  When we got there…and she saw how many people were there…she was giddy!  She had a huge smile on her face and was SO excited.  They placed them in different “countries”  to perform together. Caroline was on the Romanian team. There was loud music playing as they walked to each event…and sweet Caroline just ate it up!  She did great…she got a 9.3 on each event and was able to move up to Level 2.  She wasn’t nervous at all.

First up was bars.  This is the one event where you can really tell how strong she has gotten since January!  She is able to easily pull herself up now.  She got a 9.3

 Next was the beam…she did a front roll and didn’t fall off! She got a 9.3.

Walking to the floor…

She had to do a cart-wheel and a back walk-over in her routine…9.3

Getting ready to vault…

She received a trophy because she got above a 9.0 on each event.  She has been talking about a trophy for over a month now.  I prepared her before we went that she may not be getting a trophy since this was her first meet.  Luckily I was wrong!

Her team Romania won first place for over all high score!  They received medals…

Sweet Caroline…we are so proud of you!

As we were getting in the car ready to go home, Caroline asked when the next meet was going to be.  She smiled, giggled, and talked about how much she loved it all the way home.  She kept saying, “Mom, I had no idea how much fun it was going to be!”  She is a natural, but up until this point she could take it or leave it.  Now that she got a little taste of competition and performing…she is all in!

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Field Day~Mayfest

Carter had field day…known as Mayfest…last Friday at school.  The weather was beautiful and the kids had a blast.  I was able to leave the girls with MiMi and really enjoy my time walking around with Carter and his class.  This was by far the best field day I’ve been to.  They played games outside from 8-12, enjoyed popcorn and snow cones, went inside for BINGO, and at the end of the day had a really important TUG-OF-WAR match!

Who doesn’t like playing with a parachute?

Playing some hoops…

“Look mom, no hands!”

Obstacle Course

Everyone’s favorite…the water games!  They had buckets of water, full of squishy balls, that they got to throw at each other. Here is Carter getting his teacher.  She was such a good sport and got right in on all the action.  We LOVE her!

Water gun fight…boys vs. girls!

Sack race…

popcorn break

Carter’s class won the tug-of-war competition out of all the first grade classes!

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Mother’s Day Weekend

For Mother’s Day Weekend we went to Oklahoma.   Saturday Ben watched the kids while I went shopping and had lunch with my mom and MamMa.  It was so nice to be able to have conversations that were not interrupted with kids:).  We had a great time!  Saturday evening the kids were super excited to go fishing.  That is one of their favorite things to do when we visit Nanna and Poppi.

Live bait ready to go…


Leighton playing in the sand trap

Nanna and Caroline…

My beautiful 79 year old MamMa…

Sunday morning we went to church and then enjoyed the beautiful weather by playing outside…

My mom is truly my best friend.  We talk most every day…life, advice, kids, work, sports, family…I treasure her opinion.  I am so thankful for our relationship!

 The three little dolls that made me a mom.

  I was watching them all playing outside and reminiscing about each one as a baby.  Carter was the first child that made me a mom.  The overwhelming LOVE and ADORATION I had for this little tiny baby. Every FIRST he ever had was my first time as well…so precious.  Little Caroline…my little doll…my little GIRL!  Oh how I LOVED having a little girl. As soon as she was born I looked at Ben and said, “I can’t believe we have a GIRL!”   Arts and Crafts, painting nails, and wearing dresses will always remind me of Caroline! Little Leighton is the child that made me let go of alot of my parenting rules…made me more flexible!  You want to keep your bottle longer than you are supposed to?  SURE! You want to stay up way past bedtime? SURE! You want to watch more shows than we usually allow? SURE! You don’t want to eat your vegetables  today? ALRIGHT!  I recognize now that it all goes so fast…that no phase lasts forever.  I hold her hand a little longer on walks…because she won’t want to do that forever.  I carry her a lot because I can’t physically hold Carter anymore and Caroline doesn’t want me to hold her. Time goes so fast…they are each so precious in their own way!

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The last few weeks we have been wrapping up Caroline’s preschool experience.  She has been practicing her song for her end-of-the-year program/graduation.  She was SUPER excited to perform for us.  She LOVES to be on stage…she did a great job!  In chapel this year they have been learning the Fruits of the Spirit.


“I got Jesus!”

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she said, ” A Haircut Person”!

Caroline’s sweet friend, Lizzie!

 We are so proud of you, Caroline!

(Ben was out of town)

The following week was the last day of school!

Caroline was in the Giraffe class this year. She loved her teachers…

Ms Paige and Ms Amy

 It was such a strange feeling to walk out of preschool on that last day.  People were crying, friends of mine were sad, and I totally understood why.  For some weird reason I wasn’t  AT ALL!  Caroline really just likes to be at home.  Once she got to preschool she had a good time…but she would rather stay home with me ANY day!  So she was super excited not to have to go back to preschool again.  Another reason I wasn’t sad is that I know she will LOVE kindergarten.  She is beyond ready to go…and she is going to have so much fun next year.  Now come August I will be SUPER sad that she will be gone from me all week…but for now we are excited for summer…to be on our own schedule…and to have pajama day every day if we want! (Caroline’s favorite kind of day)

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