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Tea Party!

Today was my first day home with Caroline all by ourselves!  What better way to enjoy our “girls day” then to have a tea party!  Julia, Caroline’s sweet little friend, turned 4 years old today!  I cannot believe she is already 4.  We celebrated her birthday by going to a tea room and having a tea party.  The girls were darling…they had so much fun!  To start with they had peanut-butter/jelly sandwiches with sprinkles on top and a fruit plate.  They each had a tea pot with lemonade…which they LOVED pouring into their dainty little porcelain cups.  After lunch the girls got to dress up with  frilly hats, pearl necklaces, princess wands, and pretty dresses.  They then sat down to a HUGE cupcake and some hot tea!  We had such a great time…and thank God for blessing us with sweet friends!









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Off to Kindergarten!

Yesterday was Carter’s first day of kindergarten!  We were all so excited for the day to begin.  The night before, we laid out his clothes…packed his back pack…and set the alarm clock.  The next morning Ben went in to wake him up and Carter popped out of bed saying, “Today’s the Day!  Today’s the Day!”  We got him all dressed…took some pictures…and piled into the car.  On the way to school we all said a prayer for Carter and his first day of school. 

 He jumped right out of the car and we all walked him into his classroom.  He looked darling carrying his backpack which is as big as he is!  He walked right in…found his seat…and was good to go!  Ben and I didn’t even get sad…we were both so excited because Carter was so excited!  I even wore water-proof mascara because I just knew I would be sad:)!!  I surprised myself!



I went on to work and COULD NOT WAIT to hear all about Carter’s day at 3pm!  Ben picked Carter up from school and he climbed in the car and told Ben that the best part of the day was eating in the cafeteria because he got to pick out his own food!  He said, “Dad, you never told me how good onion rings are…they are the best!”  When Ben asked what his favorite part of the day was…he answered, “In the afternoon our teacher made us run around the school building twice!”   Ben asked Carter if he met any friends…and he said “No, but I did meet a boy that has lost 8 teeth…he doesn’t have any teeth besides his canines!” Isn’t it funny what makes an impression on a kid!

Overall, he had a great day!  He told Ben that his teacher was nice all day long!:)  They talked all the way home in the car and they had been quiet for about 5 minutes when Ben hears Caroline whispering…”Carter, Carter…hey Carter!”  He said, “Yes, Caroline!”….to which she said, “I love you, Carter!”….”I love you too, Caroline!” 

I think this was her way of saying how much she missed him!  She asks each night if Carter has to go back to school the next day!  Sweet little girl misses her best friend…and best playmate!  She truly adores him!



Carter was so exhausted last night!  I truly don’t ever think I have seen him THAT tired!!  Lucky for us he popped out of bed again today ready to go!  I am waiting for the day that we have to drag him out of bed…and who knows, that may be tomorrow!  But for now, I am thrilled that he is loving school and excited to go each morning!  I just can’t quite get over the fact that I have a Kindergartner!

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