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Comments from Caroline

We pulled up to a restaurant the other night and she said, “Oh mom, I LOVE the salad they have here!”   (such a little miss)

We were eating dinner the other night and Caroline said, “What does Kindergarten mean?”  (she has been hearing this word for a while now and I can just see her little brain thinking…what in the world are they always talking about?)

We had finished dinner with some friends, gotten back in the car, and Carter asked to stop for ice cream.  Caroline LOVES vanilla ice cream cones from McDonalds!  We pulled up to order each of us a hot fudge sundae and I asked Caroline if she wanted an ice cream cone.  She replied, “Mom, I did not eat all my dinner so I don’t get dessert…I better just have nuggets!”  (she is such a rule follower…that is the rule at our house…and she DID only take 1 bite of her dinner!…I love that girl!)

I took her to Target with me today to get a birthday present for our nephew.  I let her look up and down every aisle and tell me what she wanted for her birthday.  She would occasionally ask me to PLEASE buy her something and I always answered NO, you have to wait until your birthday.  Well, after 2 hours of looking we were finally leaving and I saw this Little Mermaid doll on sale for $5…you play with it in the bath tub.  She ooed and ahhed over it and told me that she only has boy bathtub toys to play with (which is true…all of our bathtub toys are Carters  from 3 years ago).  So I decided that she needed it.  She was ecstatic…carried it out to the car…and buckled it into her car seat!  We were half way home and she says to me, “Mom, you shouldn’t have bought this for me…it isn’t actually my birthday yet!  You said that we don’t get toys unless it is our birthday or Christmas!”  (RULE FOLLOWER!!!)

Caroline was walking around the coffee table yesterday and Ben had his legs propped up where she was walking…she tapped on his legs and said “abajo” (the Spanish word for DOWN)…she had learned this from Dora earlier that morning:).


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4th of July Fun!

We had a great weekend in Edmond for the 4th!  Carter and Caroline love being with all of their cousins.  They swam their little hearts out and explored all over Nanna and Poppi’s yard!

Brooks, Barkley, Carter, Caroline, and Britton


Bailee and Caroline


Caroline and Taylor






Carter standing on the back of the golf cart watching fireworks!!



The firework show was great this year!  They were truly beautiful!!  We are blessed with a great family!

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Miss Caroline

I am sure most of you have heard me say it before…but Caroline makes us laugh constantly!!  It is not that she is necessarily funny, she is just so unique and independent!  EVERYTHING must be in order….lined up just right…put away just perfectly…food not touching other food on her plate…done “all by herself”!!!

She completely bathes herself… soap, rinsing, toweling off,  putting on her pajamas, and brushing her hair.

She has patience like nothing I have ever seen.  She NEVER gets frustrated…but will continue to work on something until it is right.  Something may take her 30 minutes…and she will not stop or ask for help until it is just right!

When she goes to bed at night she wants me to lay out her clothes for the next day…shoes, bow, and all…so that she can dress herself.  She will wake up at 7am…completely dress herself…and come crawl in bed with us.  Half the time she falls back to sleep in our bed..shoes and all!!

So her latest thing has been to learn how to fold.  Ben was watching her this week as she tried over and over to fold her blankets in her bed.  She finally asked Ben to teach her “how to fold perfectly”.  So Ben taught her and she was so excited.  I got home from work and it was the first thing she ran to tell me about.  She sleeps with about 6 blankets and 4 stuffed animals.  I can barely find her in her bed because she is all snuggled up with all of her blankets and animals.  Last night I went in to check on her before I went to bed and this is how I found her…



All 6 blankets folded and stacked up nice and neat.  That pretty much sums up her personality…sound asleep…with her world in perfect order.  Never mind that she is cold and has nothing to snuggle with…more importantly is that everything is nice and neat!!!

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