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Soccer Season for Leighton

Sweet Leighton was so excited to get to finally play a sport.  Her sweet friend Lila signed up to play with UPWARDS soccer and asked Leighton to play with her. This was a 5 and 6 year old league…and she played up.  We took her to buy cleats, shin guards, and a pink shiny new ball.  She had a lot of fun….and loved that we got to watch HER  do something for a change.  She ran after the ball…for the most part knew which direction she should be going…and scored 2 goals all season.  We were all thrilled for her!



????????  ????????????????


Every game a player gets recognized for a good sportsman character trait.  The very first game Leighton got chosen for “working well with others”.  She was pretty excited to get a medal her very first game!


Mimi and Grandad came to watch!


Way to go Leighton!  We are so proud of you!






















































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